3D Printing For Beginners

Opening up a competitive market in the tech industry

3D laser scanning has entered our world at full force and was initially created in the 1960s. Years after, in 1986, the first 3D printer was designed, and the two combined made some outstanding products that consumers use. There are now 3D laser scanning apps and small 3D printers you can use at home. This has opened up a competitive market in the technology industry. Many companies have created some of the coolest apps to use and the most efficient 3D printers.

What is 3D printing

This is one of the coolest technologies worldwide. It uses information from a 3D file and turns that data into a physical object. It works just like a printer but something you can physically hold rather than look at on a piece of paper. It can use different materials that get really hot and come out in an almost liquid state that hardens once it touches the air. Most at-home 3D printers can only do elementary objects.

What is 3D laser scanning

This is what can help create a 3D file. It is usually a handheld tool that can collect information on an object in the real world. It can help turn it into something like virtual reality or a file to send across the world for someone else to print. It has created a free way to communicate and share physical objects.

It works by collecting data points on an object and using lasers measured by the distance they travel. Simultaneously, it takes rapid pictures of that object, compiling a full image printed out later one.

The best 3D printers for newbies

There are a few printers you can choose from. We highly recommend these three.

  1. Monoprice Select Mini V2- This is perfect for beginners and comes at a super reasonable price. It is ideal for experimenting and has decent speed and good quality products. You can get it on Amazon for as low as $220, which is relatively budget-friendly for a 3D printer.
  2. Anycubic Photon- This is perfect for a resin printer and is another one that is on the cheaper side of printers. The only downside is that resin is more challenging for beginners to work with. You will have to practice a lot before getting anything good.
  3. Flashforge Adventurer 3- If your budget is slightly bigger, this is an excellent printer to start with. It is more expensive than the others, but the best thing about this is that it can be set up really quickly and used in less than 30 minutes. It prints high-quality beginner items and is super speedy.

What are the best 3D scanning apps

There are some fantastic 3D laser scanning apps that you can download directly on your phone. Here are the top two to choose from.

  1. Capture 3D Laser Scanner App- This app is good for IOS phones, and all your phone needs is a TrueDepth camera attached to it. There are no other accessories you need to use this app. It uses the camera and sensors in your phone to take accurate scans of models. You can view these scans before transporting the data somewhere else.
  2. Heges 3D Scanner App- This can only be used for IOS apps. The coolest thing about this app is that it will transport the data from your app anywhere else in full color. It can scan small items and large objects easily.

There are so many printers and scanners consumers can choose from that the entire market is open and creating budget-friendly tools for all of us to use.

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