3D Printing Reached the Fashion World

Custom clothes made for a perfect fit

3D laser scanning has taken the technological world by a storm. It has entered a variety of fields that many would find surprising. It is not only for researchers, but it is for anyone who could use 3D laser scanning to help with 3D laser printing. Currently, many companies are benefiting from the technology.

In Delhi India, one company has taken part in this tech and using it to create custom made outfits. They get around 300 orders per month, and this company addresses many issues. In 2015 owners Samiksha Bajaj and Abhishek Bajaj founded Samshék, a fashion tech company.

Digital personalization will change the game of fashion. No matter where in the world you go, there is always one problem when it comes to style. Every human body is different, and sizing from manufacturers are almost the same. When we talk about fashion, there is never a one size fits all. This company seeks out women who have a hard time finding the right fit, and who are looking for sustainable ways to get the most fashionable clothes.

Why this tech is useful

3D laser scanning creates a way to take fully customized sizes of a person in under a few minutes. No one has time for a full measurement, going back and forth to someone who can custom make a garment. Instead, this technology takes a few moments to capture the full details of a person’s body. 3D laser scanning not only saves the person time; it saves the company time as well.

Instead of being part of the other companies that help throw away 3.8 billion worth of clothing, this company in New Delhi decided to avoid the extra waste. This technology creates much less waste than traditional ways of making clothing.

They have a store where any customer can walk in and get scanned, or they have an online store. Any item purchased can be designed by the customer, printed, and then shipped out in 48 hours.

“After completing my course, I worked with London Fashion Week. What I realised is that the problem everywhere is the same. Women always face difficulty finding the right size and desirable design. I heard about body scanners and customisation options in London and thought to discuss it with Abhishek if we can do something about it.” states Samiksha Bajaj.

What is 3D laser scanning

This technology uses a device that can be handheld, sometimes bigger, to take several thousands of pictures of an object or person. It is incredibly fast and accurate. A full-body scan can take less than a few minutes. It can capture all sorts of dimensions, widths, angles, textures, colors, and sizes. This is why it can benefit the fashion industry so well.

Once the information is collected, it can be saved to the cloud forever, making it a great reference in the future. It created a virtual database that can never be erased. After that, it can be sent to a partnering software where it can be edited and designed. Once that is complete, it can be 3D laser printed, turned into virtual reality, or sent across the world in under a few minutes.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has opened up our eyes to a whole new world. This technology can make sustainable fashion a trend that all consumers want to be part of. It has helped many different fields all over the world and is continuously being adopted. As more advancements come out, more uses will follow.

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