Saving notre dame with 3d laser scanning

a simple Leica laser scanner could help preserve one of mankind's greatest structures

3D laser scanning services are usually thought of as being used for a commercial endeavor, such as renovating a space or adding equipment to a factory floor. But there are those out there with a higher purpose than making money who utilize 3d laser scanning for capturing the beautiful and amazing structures that mankind has created. A prime example of this is the Notre Dame Cathedral. An estimated 12 millions people from all over the world come to visit this stunning gothic cathedral. Both inside and out it is an incredible sight to behold. But unfortunately as we all know a fire broke out in 2019 that nearly destroyed the entire cathedral. The beautiful spire was seen collapsing on the nightly news, a horrific sight to those all over the world. This senseless destruction may have been caused by an overheating electrical device or a cigarette, officials are not sure. Immediately after the fire, some thought that the cathedral may be lost forever, but not long after, the government vowed to restore it, whatever it takes. it was then that it became public that a 3d laser scan had been done. It was done by a New York professor who had spent 2 years using 3d laser scanning services to create a digital 3d archive of Notre Dame. The professor, Andrew Tallen,  has now deceased unfortunately and was not able to see the great impact that he had in preserving Notre Dame for future generations. His 3D laser scan was quite thorough, generating a color point cloud of the interior and exterior. His 3d laser scanning services may be the only complete and thorough record of the cathedral which dates  back to 1100 AD and took almost 200 years to build. It is difficult for people in our generation to even fathom such an undertaking that spanned multiple generations. The cathedral puts on full display the mastery of design and construction that was possible almost 1000 years ago. There are not many structures built today that would last 1000 years. that is why it is such a shame that electricity, a modern addition, could have eventually caused its demise. But thanks to 3D laser scanning services, although it will never be fully the same, we can reconstruct and restore it faithful to its original shape so that people of the world may enjoy its majestic size and form. Even for those who are not religious, anyone can appreciate the beauty and shape of the architecture. What better use of 3D laser scanning services than to preserve historic structures such as this. It is difficult to fathom how they built such large structures without the modern conveniences that we have today, such as a crane and CAD computer modeling.For scanning gothic cathedrals or anything else call Arrival 3D for 3D laser scanning services

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