When face 3d scanning services go bad

Face scan fails - a creepy new trend

A hot new trend is using your mobile phone to capture a 3d scan of your face so that it can be inserted into your favorite video game. The popular game NBA2K is an example of this. The thrill of seeing yourself as the most popular NBA star doing slam dunks and taking incredible shots is like having an out-of-body experience. Although it is a little weird seeing your face on somebody else’s body, its totally worth it. In fact, dedicated gamers can build a career doing nothing more than becoming good at a video game. That certainly wasn’t the case when I was growing up, although I have to confess I was never that good either. But we have to recognize this significant turn of events; using mobile 3d scanning services to put your own face or body inside a game, movie or video. Imagine watching an episode of the Avengers or Batman where you are Batman. It is weird to think about, but in the future, date night could be a nice couple going to watch star wars with their own faces as Luke and Leah. To get even stranger, imagine a steamy love scene with yourselves faces on the actors. It is all possible now with deep fake technologies. And who knows, it may be able to also transform the voices and body type so that the characters actually look and sound like you. What does this have to do with 3D scanning services? Well we are sometimes asked to scan a face or a body, but we have to let our customers know that we are currently not optimized to offer these 3d scanning services of live subjects. But there are plenty of companies out there that do.One interesting phenomenon is that with the face 3d scanning services of your phone, there is plenty of room for error. There appear to be many instances where the 3d scan attempt results in a frightening image that somewhat resembles the original subject, but is distorted in a way to make it downright horrifying. Thus the advent of the face scan fail. To see such an image of yourself may be like looking at your own zombie. It could possibly leave a good scare and possibly give one nightmares. Here are some more examples of these. Who ever thought that 3D scanning services could cause nightmares? Most likely though it will cause frustration and a few good laughs. In fact it could be the source of quite a bit of good laughter if done with a group. It is funny to think about kids being angry that they can’t scan their face just right with their phone and put it on their favorite basketball star. How quickly we take 3d scanning service technology for granted. From cursing out Siri because she didn’t understand a word, to being irritated at a 3d scan face fail, we just now expect miracles from these little handheld wonders.While we can’t scan  your face, for anything else call Arrival 3D for 3D scanning services.

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