3D Scanning Used to make A Great Prosthetic Limb

afternoon ride turns to life-changing tragedy

There is nothing more satisfying than sitting on the seat of a motorcycle and cruising down the road on summer afternoon. The rush of wind soothes the discomfort from the heat of the day. That is what everyone feels I am guessing. You had better be careful, though. It can all come to an end when the rider gets a little too comfortable on the bike and makes a wrong move. That is what happened to one gal who’s enjoyable ride turned into a lost leg. What a tragedy! I can’t imagine the change in lifestyle that she had after that wreck. There would be some things that she could no longer do because of the accident. Her life was over!….Whoa! Hold on there. That’s not the way the story goes. In fact, thanks to 3D scanning services, this gal was able to get a prosthetic that would allow her to do about everything she could do before. Great advances have been made in prosthetics over the years. 

3D scanning services helps the new leg match the old one

3D scanning services is helping those in the prosthetics field get people fixed up with a limb that puts them back on two feet. Prosthetics are, of course, nothing new. People have been using them for ages. The guy Captain Hook should tell you something about what some people were doing in the past. They didn’t have all of the fancy technology that we have today, but a hook was better than nothing, right. In modern time, the prosthetics started looking more like a real limb. They were probably a bit heavy at first and likely didn’t fit very well, but it was a start. Today the prosthetics are much lighter and fit quite well. If you want to see the progress, check out some of the Paralympics events. Those guys that have prosthetics for feet could run circles around most of us. Part of what is making things work so well is 3D scanning services.
Today those prosthetics are really custom made to fit well. 3D scanning services technology, 3D printing, and some design talent combine to create a fantastic trio to make a leg. 3D scanning services are used to find the exact shape of the good leg. Using that 3D image, the designers can recreate that leg as a prosthetic. Of course there needs to been some designing skill in between, but the end result is a prosthetic leg that matches the other. That is not all that is fantastic about today’s prosthetics. The type of material used to make it is important. No one wants to be dragging around heavy leg. Today we have found stronger and lighter material, and that should make those with prosthetics jump for joy much easier.

ride safe

Thanks to modern technology like 3D scanning services and 3D printing, a serious injury that leads to amputation does not have too much physical restriction. People can still do the same things that they did before without much difficulty. Of course, though, it is always better to just drive safe and be able to miss all of the hassle. 

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