3dna eyewear system, customized eyewear using 3d laser scanning

make beautiful glasses with 3d laser scanning

“Hey Good lookin!’” What’s new on the scene with 3D laser scanning?  Let me give you some hints. It is something that you stare at all day.  Something that you can’t function without, but you rarely think about until they are lost?  Can you guess what they are? If you said “glasses” you are right. Eye-glasses shopping is getting promoted to the 3D laser scanning scene.  Eye-DNA, a company that produces solutions for eyewear, has already had their eye on what 3D laser scanning can do for all you four-eyes friends out there. They are bringing you a fresh experience in shopping for that new look, by creating the 3DNA Eye Wear System. They are bringing fashion and technology to the kitchen to serve you up great look!

virtually try on a pair of glasses -- on your head!

So, what exactly did Eye-DNA do?  To answer that question, you first need to think with me about the problems faced when you go shopping for a new pair of specs. The first problem is obvious, that is that when you go looking for glasses, you are faced with a whole glass counter full of options.  Every shape and size you can imagine. Whether it is those small John Lennon style or those big ones that make your face look like a bug or every other look in between, your goal is to choose the one that looks best on you. So what Eye-DNA has done is tried to make that process a little easier.  Instead of having to put each pair on your head and strike a pose in the mirror to see whether or not it’s “you”, all you have to do is take a 3D scan of that fantastic looking head of yours. Once you do that, you can see a 3D image of yourself wearing any style of glasses that you are considering.  That makes things simple.

clearly see what you look like with a new pair of specs

There is another problem that needs to be addressed.  I think you know what it is. Those of us who wear glasses do so because we can’t see without them.  What happens when you go to try on a new pair of specs. You take your glasses off and then put on some other frames.  See the problem. Or should I say you CAN’T see the problem. You need your glasses to see yourself in your new glasses.  Everyone looks good to you when you take off your glasses. This is exactly what problem the 3DNA Eye Wear System fixes. No need to depend on your friend’s opinion.  No need to squint to try to see what you look like. Eye-DNA’s innovative system give you the power to make the best choice.

3d laser scanning continues to make strides

In conclusion, the 3DNA Eyewear has made glasses shopping easier, and saves you from buying glasses that you find out don’t look so great.  Not only that, but 3D scanning laser scanning has potential for all kinds of apparel; watches, hats, and whatever you wear on your body could use the same technology to help you get the best pick.  So from now on, no need to depend on your friends to tell you what looks good. You can see it on yourself thanks to innovative ideas like 3DNA Eye Wear System. 

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