3D Scanning Used in Weight-Loss Programs

trim down using 3d scanning

Unless you are living a thousand years ago in China during the Tang Dynasty when fat was the fad, you probably are on the lookout for a good way to lose some pounds. Here in America we like to eat, and we like creating weight loss programs as much as we like food. That is why we have a buffet of choices like WeightWatchers, the Mayo Clinic Diet, Nutrisystem, MyFitnessPal, and on and on. On top of that you got a smorgoubord of diet soda, sugar-free candy, fat-free muffins, low-calorie butter, low-carb this and that, artificial sweeters, and so much low-fat more. The point is that we want to have our cake and lose it too. The big problem is that though the noodles were instant, the weight loss results from them are not. We don’t like that. We don’t want to do something for weeks before we even know if it is working. When trying to lose weight, unfortunately, there must be patience (unless you choose the lock-yourself-in-a-room-with-no-food program). Are there any good ways to know if you really are winning the battle of the bulge? The answer is ‘Yes’. There is a 3D scanning technology that was originally used in the fashion industry to determine clothing measurements, and it is now being used by flub buster programs to show changes happening to a person’s body while they are trying to trim down those edges.

3d scanning distinguishes between fat and muscle

There are gyms and fitness centers, like Gold’s Gym, that that are now using this technology to help monitor weight loss.  As with most programs, exercise goes along with diet, and when people start a weight loss program, they mainly just focus on weight.  They tend to only focus on what the bathroom scale reads and aim to cut those pounds.The problem is that the scale does not distinguish between muscle and fat. Muscle also has weight, but it is good weight, and any type of exercise is going to build some muscle.  So for a person to get a truer picture of their progress during a weight loss program, then they need to know where the weight is being distributed, and this can be done using 3D laser scanning technology.

track your progress better

So how does 3D laser scanning technology help people monitor their weight loss.  Well, its simple. The 3D laser scanner takes a 3D scan of the persons body. By taking a large number of scan samplings from every angle, it can determine changes in location of body fat and muscle over time.  Every time the person is scanned, a comparison can be made against the previous scan to show what changes have taken place in the body. So, initially, a person may have gained muscle, but, at the same time lost body fat.  The scale would not tell you this, but the 3d scan would let you know that progress is being made.

In conclusion, 3D scanning is helping people know if weight lose programs are working.  Whenever we take on an endeavor that is challenging, we need encouragement along the way. If we know what we are trying to accomplish is moving forward towards success, then we are more likely to continue on until we have reached that goal.  On the other hand, if we never feel like what we are doing is going anywhere, then we will most likely give up along the way. Work out smarter using 3D scanning technology!

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