4 Ways Laser Scanning Services Saves Money and Time

Today, laser scanning services are creating a rippling effect on almost all industries including, construction, automobile, reverse engineering, and many others. What might work for one industry might prove disastrous for the other because one rule of thumb never works with laser scanning. And, when it comes to the construction sector, different people might have different opinions about which insulation is the best and which is not. Also, in renovation projects, the actual blueprint of a building might not exist, leaving the crew without accurate measurements of the structure. This is where 3D scanning comes in the picture because it helps in eliminating the potential error and guesswork. The technology creates an accurate 3D model of the building, which is later on used to build information modeling (BIM), CAD and other applications. 



Four ways scanning services can save you time and money

1) laser scanning services Mitigates risk

Not being able to verify the design without investing in it might prove an expensive venture for people. But, laser scanning services help in building confidence before investing in such projects. It’s far cheaper to scan an old building without a blueprint than demolishing it to understand which area needs renovation. And, in many circumstances, certain conditions make it dangerous for the workers to maneuver in the place without a proper layout or blueprint. It is mitigating risk by providing and capturing accurate information of the building structure effortlessly. 

2) Adds flexibility

Using scanners manufacturers or designers can digitally capture the exact shape of the product. The scan can then be used to create a proof-of-concept prototype, which is always close to products that go into production. Furthermore, a 3D model from the starting of the project allows greater flexibility throughout the entire process. It helps in ensuring that the products or objects are symmetrical and allows the manufacturers to either scale up or scale down. The technology is guaranteeing parts that fit the specific design requirements. Also, greater flexibility means lesser scope for error, which saves both time and, money. 

3) Increase accuracy, speed, and consistency

The laser scanning enables faster and accurate measurement by collecting millions of data points within a fraction of a second. The technology provides pinpoint accuracy every time, which helps in saving time, effort and money to a great extent. Furthermore, it helps in the scanning of parts through additive manufacturing at a price which is much lower than the traditional scanning machines. Also, accurate measurements help in shrinking the development process, thereby reducing the time to market. It is helping designers and manufacturers stay one step. ahead of the competition. 

4) Streamlines logistics

By curbing down the trial and error process, the laser scanning services fastens the entire design process reducing, thereby reducing the logistics. No longer manufacturers have to ship a physical prototype of the design to the manufacturing unit. Instead, they can share the CAD prototype for replicating the model in the production process. 

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