How Drones are Helping in Real Estate Photography?

The year 2017 and the beginning of 2018 has been the years of twists and turns for the real estate market. To avoid missing the next up-coming trend of the year, real estate agents need to use drones for their real estate photography. Aerial photography which drones capture, create an astounding level of visual intrigue which is impossible to match. With drones, the real estate agents can easily touch the sky to showcase the property in an aerial view. You need to have good control over the drone to capture quality images from the high-resolution camera and click photos which make your listing stand out from the rest.

How drone photography can add 5 stars to your real estate marketing efforts

1. Show off the entire property

Most of the buyers are pathetic at visualizing the space and photographs bring a little relief to such home buyers. For example, the listing states that the back of the house has an open area of 2 acres which is covered 60% by lush green trees. The photo you share will make the backyard look tiny and would turn away the prospective buyers. However, using a drone, you can capture the entire yard in a single shot. Drones in real estate photography are helping buyers visualize the actual space, which in turn is useful in making informed decisions.

2. Capture the entire neighborhood

When it comes to the neighborhood, many buyers are skeptical because they prefer staying in an area which has all the basic amenities within a few kilometers. Instead of taking videos of the property alone, you can focus on capturing the entire neighborhood and create fantastic stock footages for your website. These videos will help the buyers get an overview of their future neighborhood and showcase the distance to essential amenities. The distance indication comes as a boon for senior citizens and working people who don’t have time to travel long distances to buy a single grocery item.

3. Adds a novelty factor to the listing

If you can spend money to make a straightforward listing look novel, you’re probably serious about selling the property – drones create a positive first impression! In the technological world, drones are hot selling items, which immediately captures the attention of the buyers and the media. The real estate photography done using drones adds a ‘wow’ factor to the property listing. And, when it comes to buying a dream home, novelty works because it’s an emotional decision for families to buy a property. The craze for drone photography is not likely to disappear anytime soon. Furthermore, it will position your listing ahead of the competitors because not all real estate agents take the pain of spending money on drone photography.

Apart from the above benefits, drones drastically cut down the cost of shooting elevated imagery and enable you to use the aerial footage on many more listings. Your real estate photography will reach miles if you start using drones for capturing the properties.

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