A View from Pera Museums

Virtually recreating history

Museums are continuously adopting the use of the latest technology to make the latest historical finds and letting the public see the replicas from the technology. 3D laser scanning is an incredibly useful tool when recreating history for consumers to see and learn from.

Istanbul’s Pera Museum came out with a video of three-dimensional objects for guests to see to celebrate their 15 years of being open. This video called Voronoi allows people to see the traditional objects from the 18th to 20th century in 3D. They were able to use 3D laser scanning to get particular objects in the video for viewers to see.

This technology can allow people to get a close inspection of each individual object, which is rare to come by in a museum. This will enable guests to almost be interactive with the exhibit’s permanent collections. In the video, there are 150 different objects featured to be seen.

3D laser scanning could change the way guests relate to the museums around the world, as well as keeping these museums in business. It is a way to connect people with history. Adopting the latest technology could save the way we remember history as well as study it.

What is 3D Laser scanning

3D laser scanning is the act of using a device to gather information on an object. This technology captures pictures at a rapid pace, sometimes thousands per second, to get every detail from the object.

It can capture things like texture, size, scratches, dimensions, and color. The coolest thing about this technology is that it can come in a handheld device, but scan large and heavy objects quickly. This makes it one of the most widely adopted technological tools on the market for people to buy.

Once the information is collected, it is then stored in the cloud. After it is saved, developers can take this information and turn it into virtual reality, or they can make a 3D printed model of the object, or in this case make a 3D movie for viewers to study the objects.

Who else can use it

3D laser scanning has become one of the most useful tools on the market because many different people in various fields can use this technology. It has the same functions but can be helpful for different projects around the world.

Architects are using this technology to help rebuild and restructure historical sites to help reopen them to the public. Upgrading the safety of the buildings without destroying the interior. Scientists are using this to create a virtual reality of our world at this point in time for future generations to see. Not only that, but videogame designers are using this technology to create a realistic world for gamers to enter.


This technology could change the way guests interact with museums and make it possible for people all over the world to walk through the halls of their museums. Creating a virtual reality of the museum could let people wander through learning about different cultures and backgrounds from the comfort of their homes. Releasing the video from the Pera museum was just the first step in using technology to bring our history back to the future.

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