Tissue Structures Created From 3D Laser Printing

Changing the way patients may be helped in the future

A team of researchers and international scientists have figured out how to create tissue structures with 3D laser scanning. They can use a compound and then print 3D models of the structures using bio-ink. The compounds they have found that could replicate tissue structures are graphene oxide along with protein.

The team of international researchers was able to control the assembly of the structures, creating a tissue-like vascular structure in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They would be able to perform hard functions that structures found in the body could do as well.

This could ultimately change the way a patient in the future could get help with their tissue and or significant organs in their bodies. 3D laser scanning is continuously shaping the medical field because of all of the uses researchers have found.

What is 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning uses technology to take thousands of pictures of an object per minute, sometimes even per second. It is always evolving thanks to companies that focus on making the latest updates to the scanning devices.

This technology can gather the information that humans cannot usually see. It would take someone hours to collect the data; a 3D laser scanning device can gather in just a few minutes. It can collect details like texture, color, size of an object, all dimensions, scrapes, and scratches.

The information is then sent to the cloud. Where it can be saved forever for future reference. It can be turned into a 3D printed model that can be used. Or it can be turned into virtual reality. All great ways to study new objects or replicate them for research.

Who else could use this technology

Though this technology may seem like it’s only used for researchers, there are actually a variety of fields 3D laser scanning has entered. It has been used to help rebuild homes in third world countries, helping make them more structurally secure. Students have now adopted this technology through their smartphones to use it as a study device.

A new type of 3D scanning device can be attached to phones to scan people’s temperatures walking passed. This was able to help detect any sign of the latest virus going around while keeping people safe by not getting too close.

This technology has emerged in many different fields and is helping us become more secure and safe in our world.

Why it’s being adopted

3D laser scanning is continuously being utilized because it is relatively budget-friendly. It is faster than other ways of collecting and sending information. It is precise in detail and can be easy to handle. 3D laser scanners now come in portable sizes, and because they are so quickly accessible, they continue to be adopted globally.


This technology has been known to work wonders and provide consumers with the best technological advances that we would normally not have access to. 3D laser scanning is for anyone who wants to use this technology to enrich their lives and others.

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