Arrival 3D Attends Additive Manufacturing Americas Conference 2017 Pasadena, CA

Since 2016, the Additive Manufacturing Americas Conference takes place and allows businesses in the additive manufacturing and 3D printing industry to come together and show off the biggest advancements in the industry. This year it was held at the Pasadena Convention Center in Southern California, just a stones throw away from our Anaheim office, so we sent our project manager out there to see what the new year of innovation in 3D printing will have to offer.

With a total of 30 additive manufacturing companies total and the new innovations in additive manufacturing were astounding to see. From companies such as 3D Systems who showcased their photorealistic full color ProJet CJP 3D printer, to ACEO who specializes in silicone 3D printing for manufacturing and medical purposes. Another very interesting presentation came from Titan Robotics with their pellet extrusion system accompanied with their Atlas 3D printer.

Titan Robotics Atlas 3D Printer

With the new technology available today, more and more manufactures are looking for metal 3D printers to fabricate their own final metal parts in-house. Some companies showcasing metal 3D printing were Matsuura’s LUMEX Avance-25 5th gen metal 3D printer with it’s metal laser sintering hybrid manufacturing technologies, & GKN Powder Metallurgy’s metal 3D manufacturing powder solutions that combines advanced 3D printing technology with a strong heritage in aerospace and automotive engineering.

Microsoft Word - LUMEX Avance-25 PR_EN.doc
LUMEX Avance-25

Not just 3D Printers

Although this event was mainly for additive manufacturing solutions, 3D scanning technologies were also present in the conference. First was Carl Zeiss who brought their impressive CT technologies to the floor. The main scanner that they showcased was the Zeizz COMET L3D 2, a compact 3D sensor with great flexibility, & high measuring speed and impressive performance. This scanner is built with incredible inspection technologies to ensure that anything you print is as accurate to the original model as possible.

The other 3D scanner that was available for viewing was none other than from our partners at Evatronix. They brought with them the incredibly accurate HD Quadro blue light 3D scanner and also showcased their new updated eviXscan 3D software (that they plan to release in 2018). They are extremely excited to release the new software and also have a new line of small desktop scanners on the way.

Evatronix HD Quadro

3D Technologies to the Final Frontier

This conference was not only a showcase of the available technologies, but also an opportunity for us in the industry of additive manufacturing to hear from pioneering experts in the field about the automotive, aerospace and medical industries. One such speaker was Dr. Raymod Clinton from the Technical Science and Tech Department from NASA. He gave an overview of the additive manufacturing materials that are being used to develop high performance hardware for manned spaceflight.

This was a truly eye-opening experience for us, here at Arrival 3D. Getting to know the latest and most innovative technologies that are leading the way in the future of additive manufacturing was an absolute pleasure and we could not be more excited about what the future holds in 3D scanning and printing technologies. To learn more about the Additive Manufacturing Americas Conference, click here. For any and all of your 3D scanning, 3D printing and inspection services, Arrival 3D has you covered.

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