The Leica ScanStation P50: Over a 1/2 Mile of 3D Laser Scanning Capability

3D laser scanning juggernaut, Leica, has announced the emmergence of the latest member of their P series of long range laster scanners, the Leica ScanStation P50. Leica boasts that this is now the fastest and safest long range 3D laser scanner on the market today. The P50 combines all of the great features of the P40 model but now has a scanning range of more than a half mile. This allows users capture more data with less scans with angular accuracy paired with low range noise & dual-axis-compensation.

3D Laser Scanning the Inaccessible

The ScanStation P50 now opens doors that were previously unaccessible to surveyors before with ease. This scanning system allows for the scanning of mines, stockpiles, skyscrapers, bridges and any other large industrial structure from a safe distance. The P50 provides high quality 3D data and HDR (High-Dynamic Range) imaging at up to 1 mio points per second. That means, more extremely high quality data at higher distances in less time without sacrificing the safety of survey crews in extreme environments. The ScanStation P50 is also extremely durable. This 3D laser scanner can handle extreme conditions from -4°F to +122°F while complying with IP54 rating for water & dust resistance. 


3D Laser Scanning P50 Seamless Integration

The Leica ScanStation P50 comes complete with hardware, software, service, training & support and is compatible with the industry’s leading 3D laser scanning software that includes Leica Cyclone, JetStream, CloudWorx & TruView. Needless to say, the incredible scanning range is what gives this 3D laser scanner a clear edge over the other scanners on the market today and should be on the top of any industry professional’s Christmas list this year. To learn more about the Leica ScanStation P50, click here. For any and all of your 3D laser scanning & 3d printing needs, call Arrival 3D at (866)-687-7784.

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