Airports Adding in 3D Laser Scanning

Getting through the airport quicker, safer and easier than ever before

The Belfast airport is adding in a new wing to update the entire airport. They will be adding in the latest technology in the form of 3D laser scanning. This new tech can help people get through the airport quicker, help keep the airport safer, and create a secure environment very easily. This technology will allow the airport security 3D images of bags that go through checkpoints and efficiently tell if anything is dangerous or suspicious.

By 2023, the transport department insists that all UK airports need 3D laser scanning devices installed into their buildings and throughout the airport. This will seriously help how fast everyone gets through security and to their gate. It will save time and make people feel more welcome to travel than ever before.

How does this technology work

The best thing about 3D laser scanning is that it is totally noninvasive. It does not involve anyone being touched or having their stuff rummaged through. This latest technology is a way to obtain accurate information without touching anything, making people feel more secure and less threatened by the security team.

This high-tech works by capturing information through pictures, sensors, and lasers. The pictures are being taken at a rapid speed allowing for an entire image to be formed. The lasers can penetrate through a hard shell while also being measured by how far the laser beam travels. The sensors can help pick up other pieces of information.

What type of information does it collect

The second best thing about 3D laser scanning is that it can be programmed to look for certain things. This means if someone had liquid of a certain size, the program would be able to detect it and stop the luggage from continuing. It can also pick up things like sizes, dimensions, widths, textures, and anything that may be deemed as suspicious.

Why 3D laser scanning is good for airports

This technology helps passengers get to their gates faster and can help update the entire airport. Scans can be taken of the airport facilities to understand what needs to be renovated and what doesn’t. It can help check people in and out faster than ever before. It can help scan their baggage easier and quicker.

History of 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning was not always so popular. In fact, when it was initially created in the 60s, it wasn’t adopted at all. In the 90s, advancements with technology made it a trending subject. Many people started seeing the outstanding benefits of using this tool. Since then, it has been added to airports, manufacturing companies, and many more types of businesses.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning can help us create safer environments and help our travel plans run smoothly. You may no longer have to get to the airport hours in advance to get to your gate on time. This is one of the most efficient ways to create a better running airport and one that is easier to travel through.

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