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Unquestionable benefits of 3D Scanning

Men’s fashion is often overlooked and not something many people talk about daily. However, there is one brand in particular that has not only created some amazing clothes and accessories but has adopted 3D laser scanning to do it. Alton Lane is known for custom menswear that is one of a kind. They partner closely with live streams to make some incredible collections for men to choose from.

Alton Lane has created comfortable business attire with an edgy-flare; on top of that, he has made attire that is actually comfortable to be in all day. A basic suit plays the fashion game safe, it’s boring, and often it is uncomfortable. This company has partnered with a live stream company where they have helped put full-body scanners in different showrooms.

 These full-body 3D laser scanning devices allow a man to step in front or in the scanning device. Then it captures all of the information. The coolest thing about this scanning device is that it captures precise information that can be used to create custom designs in less than 20 seconds.

This does not completely take over the process. The 20-second scan is followed by hand measurements that may pick up something the scanner missed. Then a sample of the garment is laid out to ensure the fit is captured accurately.

Why are custom made clothes better

When you go shopping, things are made in one size. However, our bodies are different, and not all medium-sized people can fit in medium clothes. Many suits and men’s office attire are made in a factory where they don’t get measured. Custom-fit garments not only look better on consumers, they feel better, and less waste is involved in making the clothes because of the exact measurements being taken. There is less chance it will be thrown out in a month, which will last much longer.

Why use 3D laser scanning for fashion

This technology is wonderful for men’s fashion, but it can also be used in many fashion areas. There are so many reasons why more fashion apparel companies are adopting 3D laser scanning.

Better fit

When you have custom made clothes with accurate measurements taken in no time, the fit is always better. It doesn’t take nearly the same amount of time as a seamstress, but it gets almost exactly the same results. This is a massive advantage for appeal companies.

Less waste

When measurements are taken and a garment is made precisely for one person, there is less waste in the design process. Many designers use many materials to create pieces that will fit everyone, but all fabric gets scrapped, producing more waste if it does not work out.

Fewer returns

When something fits as well as it should, there will be fewer returns to a company. This is also one of the best ways to create customer loyalty.

Completely safe

Using 3D laser scanning to take full body measurements is one of the best ways to collect information because it is totally noninvasive and way more comfortable.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning is slowly emerging in unique ways in the apparel industry. We will not see this trend disappear any time soon. We can’t wait to see the next brand to adopt this technology.


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