Finding New Athletes With Technology

Using full body scanning to find future athletes has never been thought of until recently. 3D laser scanning was not always as advanced as it is now. It was carted in the 60s and was not adopted until the late 90s. Most of the devices were owned by just a few companies. Now there are so many different versions of the technology and people are using it for various things.

 Instead of relying on talent scouts, they have adopted this technology to help find new athletes and stars in the sports industry. Yes, talent scouts are trained to see a person and understand if their body could handle the sport. They look at the skills, the body, and more. However, what if a 3D laser scanning device can help determine these criteria? It can.

 A 7500-dollar portable scanner can be moved to any location and can help monitor body language. Imagine a talent scout carrying this around. It is like having another pair of eyes that is highly accurate, precise, and can help you look back through all the data that has been collected.

How 3D laser scanning works

This technology can come in many different sizes. It once started out as giant cameras that were hard to move. Since then, there have been many different versions; most of them can be handheld, others can be stepped on, and some can be huge and surround an entire object.

It works by taking pictures quickly and sometimes can capture thousands of photos per minute. Simultaneously, some lasers roam over the object, which is being measured too.

This technology can pick up speed, measurements like dimensions, widths, and even bone structure. This specific 3D laser scanning device could be programmed to read body language and all movements. It can be set to look for specific things that the talent scout is looking for. This makes it an invaluable technology for a relatively budget-friendly price.

The benefits of a scout adopting 3D laser scanning

Using a 3D laser scanning device allows a scout to be less invasive and a little less intimidating. It allows them to observe from afar without being up in anyone’s personal bubble. It allows them to take a step back but be able to observe closer than ever before. Here are some more of the benefits someone might find while using this technology.


Everything that a 3D laser scanning device picks up will be super accurate. Wherever it is aimed, it will capture precise information that can be stored.


The best feature of 3D laser scanning is that all the information can be saved in the cloud. If a scout needs to go back and find specific people, it can be used as a reference. It can also help compare one athlete years later to see the progression.


Everything is stored in a secure way that will not share personal information. This can be much safer than having a file in an office.



We love sports but finding the latest and greatest athlete is no easy task. Adopting 3D laser scanning can be one of the best tools for a talent scout, and we may see more athletes rising because of it. 

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