Arrival 3D Provides Los Angeles 3D Scanning Services to Expedite Litigation

Here at Arrival 3D we specialize in long range 3D scanning services and are always looking for ways to help our clients with whatever project they have. In this case, we had to help our friends over at Courtroom Animation. They specialize in creating animations that are used in the courtroom to more accurately describe how and where a crime takes place. We have done work for them in the past in Irvine and Camarillo, delivering high resolution 3D point clouds of case locations. This time, we packed up our Faro Focus 3D, and headed to East Los Angeles. 

Los Angeles 3D Scanning Services: Process

With the scanning scope set, we set up the Faro Focus 3D and began our long range scanning process. Using these specific scanning positions, we’re able to capture enough . With just a push of a button, each 5 minute scan captured significant 3D data of the buildings and surrounding neighborhood that we are able to register together in our software. The final result? A complete full color point cloud of the area in question that is ready to be shown and studied for Courtroom Animation. 

Los Angeles 3D Scanning Services: The future of criminology

Over the years, 3D scanning technologies have been adopted in law enforcement and there are some serious benefits. 3D scanning technologies allow for faster and more concentrated data capture of any object or location in question. Police officers are able to quickly and more accurately than ever analyze a piece of evidence, bullet trajectories or any location where they need the exact measurements and data. In the case for Courtroom Animation, our Los Angeles 3D Scanning Services enable them to plunge a jury in the courtroom directly into the scene of a crime. This is an incredible tool that will not only lead to faster results, but more importantly, incredibly precise data that can make or break a case. 

For more information about Courtroom Animation, click here. To learn more about our 3D printing, modeling or Los Angeles 3D Scanning Services, call Arrival 3D (866)-687-7784

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