3 Cool Uses of Virtual Reality in the Real World

Whenever you think of virtual reality, what crosses your mind? Do you see images of beautiful landscapes in a film set or a game? But, VR is a technology which will give you more understanding of the real world in which they live. From education to journalism, VR finds its use in a bouquet of sectors. Today, education is turning out to be a prime candidate for VR applications. With the help of technology, teachers can immerse the students in another world, thereby improving their retention power and instigating creativity. Apart from education, the technology is finding widespread use in healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industries.

Here are a few cool uses of VR, which can change the entire landscape of the real world.

Therapeutic Virtual Reality

In the medical field, virtual reality can treat problems such as autism, post-traumatic stress, and depression. According to studies, VR is successful in treating patients suffering from depression. Furthermore, the technology is a boon for an autistic child, which finds it difficult to read facial expressions and pay attention to people while they speak. The child wears a VR headset which shows the virtual classroom and different virtual avatars deliver an individual presentation. But, these avatars disappear whenever the child loses interest. This immersive method of treatment helps the child to learn virtually in a real world without fearing the students and teachers. The deep therapy is helping the doctors pay more attention to critical medical cases.

virtual reality on the runway

The fashion industry is not something, which will pop-up when you think about virtual reality. But the technology is finding immense use in the contemporary fashion world. Fashion brands are using VR to create a virtual fashion show. Using the VR technology, brands project the images in a real world setting such as a catwalk or models walking on the ramp. According to fashion retail business leaders, the technology is likely to change the way consumers interact with brands. VR brings in a lot of excitement in the store, which compels the customers to purchase from the store. It is proving as a perfect and refreshing way for brands to engage with their customers.

Crime Scene Reconstruction thanks to virtual reality

Using the power of VR, legal advisors can reconstruct the crime scene to help the jury understand the details of the crime scene. The use of VR offers a unique perspective for jurors, who otherwise might not able to grasp the crime scene. Furthermore, the technology will prepare the witnesses before their testimony. Usually, a witness tends to get nervous, mainly if the convict has previously caused harm to the witness. However, using VR, the police can make the witness feel comfortable as they will become more familiar with the court proceedings. Though the judicial system is slow in adapting to changes, virtual reality is likely to disrupt the judicial system as a whole.

VR is likely to become mainstream in the coming years and will help industries seamlessly achieve their marketing goals.

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