Why Should the AEC Industry Not Overlook 3D Laser Scanning?

When done right, 3D laser scanning is a worthwhile tool for all the stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of a project. As the technology continues to gain momentum in the AEC industry, companies are saving money by simplifying models and layout designs. With the help of 3D technology, enterprises can set realistic deadlines and speed up the completion process. Laser scanning is an immersive, and evolving technology with compelling applications for both the new construction and renovation. However, with all the innovations it sets up its challenges. For a construction company, it’s critical to know the best practices for laser scanning to avoid potential bottlenecks in the future.

Here are a few reasons why the AEC sector cannot afford to overlook the laser scanning technology.

3D Laser Scanning Makes it Easy for General Contractors

For a typical construction project, contractors end-up spending 12-15% of the total cost of rework projects. Furthermore, with 3D laser scanning contractors can reduce the amount of rework by nearly 1-3%, a good number for the capital-intensive AEC sector. The reduction in rework ensures timely completion of projects. Laser scanning reduces the risk of general contractors by guaranteeing accuracy on the as-built drawings and by bringing potential issues early in the process. Scanning progressively during the life cycle of the project provides tremendous value and the end-product meets the customer expectations. The technology enables the AEC industry to gather millions of measurable data points in seconds to provide pinpoint accuracy during the execution phase.

3D Laser Scanning Increases profitability benefits

With 3D scanners, the industry can quickly scan properties and sites while they’re in use. The scan data is then used by architect and engineers to create data and use it in future. Even before the modeling of the project commences, the contractors have enough time to carry out preliminary assessment and conduct rough calculations. It does not increase profitability benefits but mitigates the requirement to visit the site again and again for different purposes. Sitting in a remote area visiting the construction site regularly is practically impossible, but the 3D technology allows unlimited digital 3-D visits to the construction site. The scanners create a win-win situation for contractors as well as the customers because the projects are completed on schedule without incurring any additional cost.

Improves project collaboration

Believe it or not! 3D laser scanning can bring a marked improvement in project collaboration and communication with different stakeholders. It offers secured online visualization for stakeholders and contractors. The contractors can access any amount of data from anywhere seamlessly. The overview map and the 360-degree images created by the scanners come in handy to take crucial business decisions.

The 3D laser scanning is booming and is becoming a powerful tool to save thousands of dollars and provides valuable information to all the stakeholders.  In the coming years, it will quickly change the way AEC companies operate and offer unsurpassed benefits.

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