Artillery Being Scanned For Future Systems

Using technology to help create better running equipment

The military is focused on analyzing older artillery to understand how it works. Why? By studying the original weapons, tools, and devices, they can learn how to update the equipment better. Having the latest technology and up-to-date equipment can save lives, especially among soldiers. This is why many engineers in the U.S. Army have decided to adopt 3D laser scanning to help investigate and update artillery needs.

Many like to think our equipment is well-made and updated enough. Everything could be better, and there are many reasons to use 3D laser scanning, especially in the military. There hasn’t been another tool so accurate for a long time, and it can help create better running equipment. It is some of the most precise equipment on the market.

Why should the United States Army adopt this tool

There are many advantages the military has when using 3D laser scanning. Though it has been a slow adoption, it has been gaining steady traction. Slowly but surely, the military is expanding in this area, and they see massive benefits.

  • Maintenance: Many people do not talk about how long soldiers have to spend maintaining their equipment. Even then, some things are hard to see. 3D laser scanning allows them to be run through the system, and any abnormalities can be picked up almost immediately, and the problem can be fixed. This can save lives when the equipment is used.
  • Fewer malfunctions: When something is wrong with a piece of equipment, there is a higher chance it will malfunction. When the problem is spotted quickly, they can get rid of the weapon or tool and opt for a well-running option. This means fewer malfunctions in the field or battlezone.
  • 3D printing: If spare parts are needed but hard to come by, the military can create exact replicas through 3D laser scanning and partnering it with 3D printing. This means even across the world, someone on their team could send them the files and data to be printed out.
  • Digitizing: The Army has a history, and some of their items have historical value in our society. However, even those machines and weapons need to be maintained if they want to keep them for future museums. 3D laser scanning allows the Army to preserve digital copies and create a virtual reality with the data.

Right now, the Army is focused on using 3D laser scanning to analyze and understand an aviation missile. They have decided to use the new technology because of the advantages. They use the laser lights to bounce over the object to gather the information they can later study.

Final thoughts

Many other military branches have started using 3D laser scanning and are doing some creative things with the tech. They have successfully used it to create training in virtual reality and digitize some historical tools. As we continue to find more uses for this equipment, we will see more things being done. We can protect our men and women who serve this country by using 3D laser scanning.

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