What's Being Done With AR and 3D Laser Scanning Services?

The Technology Has Erupted

AR is also known as Augmented Reality and merges 3D laser scanning services with other pieces of technology. It has erupted in the tech world, and amazing things are being done with it. Multiple projects focus on scanning and AR, completely changing the way we view the world. It allows us to be in places virtually we could never get to in real life and will enable us to use technology in many different ways.

Augmented reality is one of the best ways for brands to get in touch with their customers. It allows them to create a realistic, immersive experience that encourages customers to interact in a new way. In addition, it helps them create more value within a product, which is why so many companies are turning to 3D laser scanning services and other various pieces of technology.

You may not have heard a ton about what’s going on with AR, but we are here to spread the word on the latest projects that are adopting it. Students are using it to learn more efficiently and on a larger scale, and even smart glasses that use AR. 

What projects are being done with AR?

One of the biggest projects being done with AR is the Hololens glasses. Apple and Samsung partnered with Snap and created glasses that show augmented reality. These glasses hold several microphones, light sensors, and processing units, allowing the person wearing them to be completely immersed in virtual reality. It could be the next step in teaching, building, and creating. 

Many companies are aware that augmented reality will be a massive part of our future, and because of that, we see more advancements come out. For example, there are now hololens2 glasses that have a sleeker design and are better performing. 

Who should use augmented reality?

These new glasses are giving classrooms a new way to create a learning environment. It allows students to see information while being immersed in the experience without having to be somewhere physically. Here are some people and students who could benefit from these glasses.

Nursing students

It can be hard to find human cadavers. However, Hololens can work on the human body and see all areas within the human body to study. For example, someone can use 3D laser scanning to scan a human body and upload it to the glasses software and allow students to access them.


When physicists work on a molecular level, they can’t always see what they’re talking about or show it. These glasses would allow them to create a structure and share it with a team. In addition, it would give them more tools to work with that might make explanations easier to follow. 

Final thoughts 

3D laser scanning combined with AR is the latest technology trend, one we can’t wait to learn more about. With this combined technology, students could learn easier, and it could help reinvent the entire classroom.

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