Augmented Reality – The Changing Face of Reality

Unlike VR, augmented reality integrates all the virtual object in the real world, making the experience more interactive and appealing to the target audience. Believe it or not, according to a survey more than 74% of the customers are expecting the retailers to offer experiences similar to that of the AR. For many industries, AR is the innovator and is helping the sectors move ahead in time. One added advantage of using AR is the requirement of a Smartphone. Customers don’t have to carry the heavy and bulky headsets to experience something different. The technology has far more chances of reaching and appealing to the masses than the counterparts. With the growing penetration and increasing usage, startups are trying to integrate the technology to win the trust of the target audience.


Where will augmented reality become mainstream?


Today augmented reality is opening new avenues for the marketing firms and will ensure customers stay loyal towards a brand. It will create a seamless customer experience and will bring in more engagement. Imagine a customer walking around a retail store with a Smartphone in hand can see the price and specifications of the products. The customer can also get access to discounts and special offers instantly. With AR, marketing has become an enjoyment for both the customers and marketers. Furthermore, using the technology, companies can efficiently turn any area into an amusement park where they can visit, interact and win something. The immersive experience it will create will surpass the expectation of the customers.


The biggest issue a customer’s faces while purchasing furniture online or in the store is their inability to visualize whether it will suit the interiors or not. And, for these customers either end-up buying something which doesn’t match their expectation or end-up hiring visual designers to serve their purpose. However, using the AR app, customers can efficiently place the furniture of their choice into their apartment without actually purchasing it. Customers can even change the colors and the model to understand which furniture fits the aesthetics of the room.


Augmented reality is giving tourism industry an altogether different shape by providing information on all places a customer wishes to visit. The AR guides is an excellent tool for city exploration and can enrich the traveling experience of the customer. Furthermore, museums can tell exciting stories to the customers about the artifacts and bring the items to life.

The world of augmented reality offers countless opportunities and will revolutionize every sphere of life with the sky being the limit. Apart from the above industries, it will benefit many other sectors. The technology is likely to become mainstream in the coming years, and customers are likely to live in the virtual world than the real world.

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