Aviation Industry 3D Laser Scanning to Reverse Engineer Parts

There's a better way with 3D Laser Scanning services

Have you ever got started on a project, and half way through the process stopped and just asked yourself, “Isn’t there a better way to do this thing?” We live in a day and age when that is not a bad question to be asking, because generally there is. If we can send a robot to Mars that can send pictures back, then there has got to be some technology that can do things better and faster that we want to do. This was the case when an aviation company started asking that question about reproducing out of production airplane parts. In order to fix up and old out of date aircraft, they started using 3D laser scanning services. Once they did, it helped them product those needed parts faster, better, and with much more accuracy. It was well worth the money to buy those scanners. That is why 3D laser scanning services is being widely used in the industry of aviation.

3D laser scanning is getting better

When I think of 3D laser scanning services, I usually imagine a guy with a hardhat and a scanner on a tripod that has to be moved around to capture different angles. Those kinds of scanners are good, but they can be a pain in the rear-end to be moving around. That’s why the invention of the portable handheld scanner is such a great tool. Not only that but as the days go by, scanners are getting faster, more precise, and better quality. In other words, the job is getting easier and easier. No need to hold it still or worry about a little jiggling.

What's actually going on

The aviation industry can use 3D laser scanning services to take any part and make a digital representation of it. The 3D scanning device works by using light to digitally record the shape of the object. It does so by recording millions of location points on the object. The multitude of points combined are called a point cloud. From there the points are registered, which means that they are connected together, and the final result is a digital representation of the aircraft part. This of course is only the first step in reproducing a part.

The 3D laser scanning services process

Making a digital model of an aircraft part is only one part of the process of reproducing an out of production part. Once 3D laser scanning services has done its job, the next step is to crank out a new one. The engineers can use special software to convert the files in CAD form. From their there do any modifications needed to the part before they begin duplicating. This is especially necessary if there is a problem with the part. They certainly don’t want to reproduce a problem that already exists.

The 3D laser scanning services applied to the aviation industry for reverse engineering parts is a great advantage. So much time will be saved simply by the guaranteed accuracy of part measurement that the 3D scanner provides. All adjustment and redesign issues can be hammered out on computer before the it goes to the fabrication line. That is going to cut down on a lot of unnecessary costs.

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