Major Building Company Using 3D Scanning

A 3d Scanning services is in the building business

Skanska is a major building construction company based in Sweden. They are even working on a couple of huge projects here in the USA, right in the Big Apple. Their team is working on a project at the Moynihan Train Hall, and they are also working on one of the terminals at the LeGuardia airport. This company is working on modifying these building and giving them a new look. That’s not what is new. What’s new is they way they are going about it. They are applying new technologies that are enabling them to get things done in a much more effective way than they did in the past using traditional methods. They are applying 3D scanning services to get things done.

3D Scanning services makes a 3D model

Today, 3D scanning services, augmented reality, and other new technologies are changing the way construction companies are doing construction. This technology is giving engineers a way to avoid a lot of problem that they had to face when using traditional methods. 3D scanning services produces a 3D model that can be taken off site to be analyzed and modified without taking too much time on the site. Too many people on the site can cause problems, and that can slow down the project and add to the overall cost. Why spend a week doing measurements by hand when a few hours is enough for the 3D scanner? What happens is a scanning engineer goes in and collects a 3D digital image of the site. Once that’s done all the measurements can be analyses by computer off site. Since the 3D image is on a CAD file, it can be sent to various people working on the project for analysis.

All working together better with 3D scanning services

Having a single, accurate scan made for all sub-contractors to use for the building process is a huge advantage. Using 3D laser scanning services, there is no need to worry about conflicting measurements by different surveyors. All can look off of the same scan, and the scans are much more accurate that the human eye. The 3D scan also resolves any dissimilarities between the as-built conditions and the original building plans. There will always be some differences because of time and simply the fact that things are build exactly as the plans describe. There is no need use guess work. A 3D scan can give exact measurements. All they they have to be sure of, is that the 3D scans get to everyone involved in the building process. Having this unification of survey numbers is key to getting things done as efficiently as possible since they are all working on the same structure.

It should not be difficult to see now how this major building company would want to have 3D scanning services in their tool box. Those buildings aren’t getting any shorter. It is a good idea to find ways to get things done better. Though most people don’t take too much time to think about the whole building process, that is why they are using 3D laser scanning services

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