Benefits of Using Laser Scanning in the Sawmill Industry

If you’re a wood contractor looking to step-up the technological game in the highly competitive construction sector – laser scanning services is probably your next step in the right direction. Apart from making your job efficient, it will help in saving both time and money. 

using 3D laser scanning in a sawmill


Laser scanning services in the sawmill industry allow faster and accurate collection of millions of data points within seconds. The data sets and 3D models of the logs are correct, which eliminates guesswork while making cuts on the logs or the boards. The information from the scanners is measurable and saves wastage of wood, which has been a matter of concern for the sawmill industry. Inefficient accuracy in the sawmill leads to over or under trim woods, which reduces the value of the board. The technology offers a bouquet of benefits, and it’s the right time for the sawmill industry to leverage the umpteen benefits of laser scanning.

special features of laser scanning

For a sawmill, the best laser scanner is the one offering a higher data density because it provides a complete picture of the wood which is being scanned. It’s a crucial feature which helps in identification of wanes in the board. If the data density of the laser scanning services is low, the steep wanes can easily hide in the blind spots between data points of the scanner. Furthermore, the layout and position bank of the scanner is important because it helps in face coverage of all the four faces. Getting access to the scan of all the four faces provides a more holistic view of the boards, which in turn results in better trimming decisions. Therefore, choose a scanner with an appropriate face coverage.

Maximize the value of resources

The 3D scan models create a unique cutting solution for every log, which maximum lumber recovery and reduces the wastage to a great extent. Furthermore, the geometric imaging of the laser scanning services helps in the detection of splits in the wood, which reduces the value of the log.

Using the scanning process, you can measure the shape of the boards or logs in the sawmill. The scanner works by projecting a beam of laser light on the surface of the trunk or the wood. The camera of the scanner generates a million points along the surface. It helps in producing multiple high-speed scans, which are fed into the computer. The 3D model of the board or log helps in making decisions about the cuts to making for each piece of wood or board. In sawmills, the 3D technology is bringing a revolution by improving the quality, reducing the waste, and ensuring that the sawmills get the maximum output of each cut. Though laser scanning services is a relatively new concept in the sawmill industry, it is likely to gain traction as the technology advances.


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