Bike Frames Made With 3D Printing and 3D Scanning Services

your attention, please

All right, all you trail blazers. Bag up your snacks, stuff your packs and hit the bike trails, but not until you hear what some are squalkin about now. There is a bad new bike frame out. No, not one of those made in China rigs, but a home-spun backwoods bike that is going to rock your socks. This bike frame is not just flippin sweet, it is nerdy flippin sweet. Do you what I mean? It sweats awesomeness just because it was made by a 3D printer. That’s right. 3D printing and 3D laser scanning services pumping out the primal products just to kick you in the pants, Spanky.

bike bots

Enough of the introduction stuff. Arevo is the name, and bikes is their game. This is a Silicon Valley company that is preparing to roll out these new bike frames, and they are calling in the bots to do it. Using a robot, Arevo will do some large scale 3D printing to produce a super strong carbon-fiber frame. And this won’t just be a layer by layer print like most traditional printers do. These robots can do 3D printing from all angles that makes for a strong and durable product. Bike frames need to be strong to take all of the impact of the trail.

No help needed

The bad news in all of this is that you just lost one more job opportunity. These robots can do the 3D printing all by themselves. That means, at Arevo, they don’t need you for help with 3D printing  and 3D laser scanning services. And the good news is that there is no need to have bike frames shipped way over from China. These bikes are made in the good ol land of apple pie. That means America for some of you unpatriotic folk. You know what that means. It means saving the environment from having to ship things all over the world so we can sleep better not worrying about the environment.  

bad to the frame

Something else to consider about these bikes is that the process of making them seems to be all around better than most carbon fiber bikes. Most carbon fiber frames are not as simple as 3D printed products like this one. Most methods for making carbon fiber bikes use lots of energy, cost a lot, and are not very recyclable. But these bikes from Arevo are recyclable because they are are of 3D printed material. Just chop them up, grind them down, and then BAM! Make it again. That should make you want to get one of these bad boy bikes.

Well, there you have it. Coming soon to a bike shop near you is a one of a kind 3D printed bike. You’d better keep your eyes peeled for when they hit the market. And when they do, you’d better snag fast. It looks like Alevo is also thinking about making some other 3D printed products with their robot 3D printers. I will be looking forward to seeing what they come up with. Maybe they will use 3D printing and 3D laser scanning services to make an airplane or something like that so I can fly home on the 4th of July for some apple pie.

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