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bottle 3D scanning for Massachusetts company

For one of our customers in Massachusetts, we helped reduce the amount of time it would take to model and visualize a prototype of their product, a one-gallon bottle, by using 3D scanning technology.

the project details

Equipment and Software

For this company, we scanned 3 bottles that were approximately 10-12 inches tall and 6-9 inches in diameter. We used a Portable Handheld Scanner (Creaform GoScan) and Geomagic Studio to produce a STL cleaned scan, accurate up to 1 mm. Scanning the bottle only took one hour to complete and only one day to create a rendering. Our customer intended to use this data for visualization and rendering of a new prototype. The scan data helped them make decisions for the next steps moving forward.  

hand holding Creaform scanner

Unique challenge solved through 3d scanning

One of the challenges presented was the bottle’s material. The bottle was very flexible, and therefore, easy to dent or distort the surface. This made 3D scanning a highly ideal way for visualization and rendering purposes. 3D scanning captures the unique form of any geometric challenge with accuracy and precision. None of the data is compromised and the product retains structural integrity. 

We value our customer’s privacy, so the picture above is just an example of the type of bottle we scanned. 

Have a similar project in mind?

This project was completed in-house which saves our customer time and money. For this particular product, we quoted our customer between $500-$600. We’re proud to say that this customer is a repeat customer. Each project is different, but if you’re interested in saving time and money in prototyping, go ahead and give us a call for your unique quote. 

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