Cabin Built With 3D Laser Scanning

Beautiful and environmentally friendly

As the world grows, consumers are becoming health conscious. Not just about their bodies but about the Earth as well. We are continually looking for ways to improve and become more sustainable with our home in mind. Technology has proven a useful aid in helping us become more sustainable, especially 3D laser scanning. Businesses all over the world have adopted this technology to make sustainable products.

The latest people to use this was a team of college students from Cornell University and Zivkovic. They focus on experimental architecture. However, the latest trend they are working with is small and sustainable homes. In this latest project, they used 3D laser scanning to scan all the pieces and 3D printing to create cement slits to hold the house. The walls were made of waste wood that construction teams would typically throw away.

This team was set on creating a beautiful and thought-provoking house that was also sustainable. They used the wood no one else would want for a house and turned it into something amazing and livable. As 3D laser scanning and sustainability grow in popularity, more and more architectures and construction companies will start adopting this technology. By using this technology, they are able to reduce their carbon footprint on a site.

How 3D laser scanning works with 3D printing

To be able to 3D print a structure, they first have to use a 3D laser scanning device that captures data on a site. It captures every form of detail you could think of. This technology captures things like texture, shape, size, dimensions, and even color. The information obtained can then be sent to a partnering system where it can be edited.

The images collected are saved in cyberspace forever, making it one of the best places to keep for future reference. Everything can then be sent to anyone across the world. They can either turn it into virtual reality, or they can 3D print a structure to use.

In this case, the group of researchers took all of the information they collected and started 3D printing a house from the bottom. Layer by layer, they were able to create a house from 3D laser scanning devices and using all sustainable materials. It is an incredible achievement, and many people will follow suit.

“By using 3D printing, we eliminate the use of wasteful formwork and can deposit concrete smartly and only where structurally necessary, reducing its use considerably while also maintaining a building’s integrity.” Lok, a researcher said.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has truly changed our lives, and it will help us live better. This technology will help us use more materials and let less go to waste. We will become more sustainable throughout several areas with the help of this technology. Many people around the world are using 3D laser scanning to improve the structure of houses and to create sustainable materials. Soon it will be one of the biggest trends all over the world. It will become the go-to tool in construction and architecture.

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