Aging Pieces Recreated Through 3D Laser Scanning

Keeping equipment in tip-top shape

People all over the world have adopted 3D laser scanning to help recreate necessary parts for other equipment. It is a tool that has been widely adopted for its versatile uses, it is no longer used to only gather the information it is being used to create physical and useful models of things. 3D laser scanning is not only budget-friendly it is straightforward to use, this means many people can use this tool and benefit from the technology.

The National Institute for Aviation Research has started using 3D laser scanning to scan the Black Hawk Helicopters. They can scan the entire copter using a handheld device. It collects information they can then use to make pieces that are aging or unusable. This technology will help the original Black Hawk helicopters be maintained and fly flawlessly.

To do this, the researchers will have to scan pieces and parts from other helicopters that currently run well. They are focused on scanning and maintaining the Lima model. This specific helicopter has not been in production for 15 years, but certain pieces in this model are older than 40 years, making it hard to maintain. With the help of 3D laser scanning, they will be able to preserve a digital model and create new parts to help it run.

With these scans, the military will also be able to help train their men. They can create a virtual reality that simulates what they should do in a helicopter. It can be one of the best training environments to give the soldiers without actually risking their lives.

“Virtual environments enable a task to be taught through distance learning with the subject matter expert thousands of miles away,” said AMCOM Command Sgt. Maj. Mike Dove.

What is 3D laser scanning

This technology usually comes in the form of a small device that can be moved around easily, but scan massive things such as planes and helicopters. 3D laser scanning was initially created in the 1960s but wasn’t adopted until the late 1990s. Since then, many consumers and businesses worldwide have adopted this technology because of its unusual uses.

It takes pictures of an object rapidly, all the user has to do is point and aim the technology. It is easy to use, making it one of the best options to use when gathering data. 3D laser scanning can capture things that may take someone forever to find and obtain. Then it saves the data in cyberspace where it can never be deleted. After that, the user has the option to send it to anyone around the world, or 3D print it.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has not been adopted in every profession, but many people are picking up this technology. The military has seen the incredible uses for this tool and has put it to good use. It can help preserve digital copies of certain helicopters or planes, but it can also help safely train the men from anywhere in the world. 3D laser scanning will continue being used in the military.

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