Neck Braces Created With 3D Laser Scanning

Fully customized and produced in half the time

Many people can agree that braces of any kind are uncomfortable and restrictive. A brace is made to keep your body in one position while it heals from the break or sprain. A neck brace is meant to keep your head and neck in the correct place. Not many people will need these in their lives, but when you do, you will realize that they are usually a little uncomfortable.

Researchers Luke Hale, Emma Linley, and Deepak M. Kalaskar from the NHS Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in the UK started creating neck braces using 3D laser scanning and printing. They put it to the test through a clinical trial. They have noted that it not only speeds up the time to make a brace, but it also produces better quality in the pair.

Not everyone who needs a neck brace will have the same needs, and having one brace to fit all requirements is not the best way to help all patients. Using 3D laser scanning allows a doctor to have the exact needs labeled and gives them access to in-depth information to help each patient.

The benefits of using a custom neck brace

Generally, a neck brace can be one of the most restrictive things you can put on. It is uncomfortable, and most of the time, itchy to the skin. It is not designed for the specific user, so it sometimes can cause more harm than good. Taking the measurements through molds can not only belong, but it can be another uncomfortable part of getting a brace.

The benefits of creating a neck brace with the help of 3D laser scanning are:

  • Customized- It is fully designed for the individual users
  • Timely- Instead of taking weeks at a time, this can be done before the user needs it. It cuts production time in half.
  • Comfort- Not only will the brace come out to be more comfortable than other braces. The process of taking the measurements with 3D laser scanning devices can be way easier. You won’t have to take molds; you can simply have the doctor scan your neck.
  • Stabilizes- Without being super restrictive, a custom-made brace can help stabilize your neck in just the right way.
  • Supportive- If you didn’t have surgery but have a weak neck that needs extra support, this can be one of the best ways to get it.

What the team found

The team worked on four designs that all focused on different things and different outcomes. The first prototype was very flexible but was too close to the skin, the second prototype had side straps and extra padding. The third neck brace they created took out extra material at the head and shoulders. The fourth prototype took everything they learned from the previous braces to create the perfect brace for the individual they studied in the case.  All of these braces were made using 3D laser scanning devices.

Final thoughts

Using technology to create braces is changing the comfort levels of patients. It is allowing doctors to create custom-made products easier than previous ways. They can study and create new versions of braces using 3D laser scanning, and soon many more doctors around the world will adopt this technology.

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