Facemasks During Covid-19 Pandemic Using 3D Facemasks

Custom fit masks using a new app

Many things are going on in America and worldwide. More than ever, it is time to wear a facemask, to prevent the spread of the virus. Facemasks can be uncomfortable, typically most come in a one-size-fits-all, and that doesn’t work for everyone. Non-essential businesses have been forced to close down, but many companies have changed gear to help prevent the spread of the disease. There are technology companies all over the world who are now using 3D laser scanning to create comfortable facemasks.

Bellus 3D and R&D Technologies teamed up to create a simple facemask design that can be used throughout the nation. It is a two-dimensional frame that molds around a person’s face. It is relatively low-cost, comfortable, and convenient. This frame goes around cloth or another facemask that creates a seal, preventing the spread of germs.

Bellus 3D created an app that can scan a user’s face to get accurate dimensions of a person’s face. This app is currently only available for iPhone.  From these measurements, the companies can create custom made frames they can ship out to individuals or companies. The best thing about this frame is that it can come in various colors.

The benefits of using 3D laser scanning to create face masks

3D laser scanning is one of the best ways to produce essential items for many reasons. It is becoming one of the most versatile tools on the market that is creating a faster way to help our citizens and get them the necessary items to prevent the spread of the disease.

The benefits:

  • Germs- During this whole process, 3D laser scanning takes out the human touch. This prevents the spread of germs, helping keep our people safer.
  • Convenience- You no longer have to go into an office to get scanned, these companies have made it so you can simply scan your face through an iPhone and send information to them. You can continue to social distance, but create a customized face mask with the help of 3D laser scanning and printing.
  • Comfort- Having something that is molded to your unique face is more comfortable than wearing something that is supposed to fit everyone.
  • Production- Using machines instead of humans can be more sanitary, and the production time can be cut in half using 3D laser scanning.

How does 3D laser scanning work

3D laser scanning uses handheld devices that take rapid pictures. In this case, it is an app on an iPhone that takes pictures rapidly. It captures information from every angle and stores the data in cyberspace where it can’t be erased. The information can be edited, sent across the world, developed into virtual reality, and in this case, 3D printed for actual use.

Final thoughts

Many companies have directed their focus on preventing the spread of this horrible disease. Right now, more than ever before, we need to stay safe in public, and wear masks. These companies are a massive help in flattening the curve and getting people masks that need it. 3D laser scanning has helped open up new ways to make these masks.

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