Mysterious Cave Discovered With 3D Laser Scanning Services

Cave Found Beneath Oregon Home

Have you heard of Bend, Oregon recently? Maybe you have! Recently thanks to 3D laser scanning services, a mysterious cave was discovered beneath a home in Oregon. This cave was formed from a volcanic eruption captured by technology from O’Brian and Company. This company is a design firm that has been focused on using the latest technology in its practice. They have been focused on using 3D laser scanning services to map out buildings and spaces and create virtual reality. They were using this new method to scan a home when they stumbled upon this amazing discovery. 

The cave was much larger than anyone expected, even over a 10-acre property. This cave measured out to be 22 feet long and has a height of 15 feet. The 3D laser scanner was able to pick up the density of each point in the cave and gather unique information the teams would not otherwise have. They were able to scan the entire lava cave and create a virtual world to tour. People can go to the video and tour the cave from the comforts of their home. 

3D laser scanning allowed a team to gather information without damaging the homeowner’s property. It was one of the most important things the team had to keep in mind because this was not some archeological site; this was someone’s home. 3D laser scanning helped preserve the caves, get accurate information, create virtual tours, all without disrupting the homeowner’s lives. As a result, many people are turning to this technology for many different reasons.

Why are 3D laser scanning services being used?

There is no doubt that 3D laser scanning brings tons of benefits teams would otherwise not have. It allows them unique advantages that other tools do not provide. If you’re wondering why firms have been choosing this over other tools, take a look. 


This tool does not harm any of the caves or artifacts found within a place. Instead, it uses pulsing lasers to capture details without physically touching anything. It’s one of the best features of the tool and also one of the most notable. 


The level of detail a 3D laser scanning device can capture is incredible. Different colors will show up depending on the density of an area. The redder a place is, the denser it is. These tools can also capture things like dimensions and sizes. 


Unlike humans who have to go in multiple times to collect information and may still miss things, 3D laser scanning can collect information in half of the time. The speed that 3D laser scanning provides an enormous advantage that other tools do not provide. 


When a place is too dangerous to send people in drones, or other mobiles can go in with 3D laser scanning attached. It can keep the team safe while only technology is sent in to scan an environment or scene.

Final thoughts

Every day firms and researchers are making more discoveries of the places we live in. We are finding unique sites we never even knew existed. 3D laser scanning has brought many advantages and is now allowing us to see those spaces.

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