Combining Robots and 3D Laser Scanning

Helping building and measuring go much faster

A robotic arm is now being combined with 3D laser scanning equipment to make the ultimate artificial intelligence tool assist manufacturers. Topometric GmbH, a German-based company, has taken on this project and is known for creating some of the coolest and most outstanding 3D measuring systems, including many well known 3D laser scanning devices.

What is robotic Doppler vibrometry

This is a giant 6-axis arm that moves around to measure 3D velocity. This company is now going to add in 3D laser scanning devices to help building and measuring go much faster.

What is 3D laser scanning

This technology is one of the most outstanding that we have worldwide. It is swift, accurate, and much more precise than any other tool on the market. 3D laser scanning was first created in the 1960s but never gained traction until the later developments in the 1990s. It was initially designed to help accurately recreate objects. It was a way to study the world around us.

The initial idea has not changed much, but the developments in this technology are incredible. A small device can quickly capture information through rapid pictures and laser beams. These tiny beams are being measured by the distance they travel, all while collecting precise information of an object. This can make it one of the best tools for additive manufacturing.

Why is an additive manufacturing beneficial

Many people wonder what the use of 3D laser scanners in manufacturing is, and there is a lot!

  • Sustainability- This can help companies worldwide produce less waste if it is adequately implemented in the process. It will keep the systems running, but overall it will help a company become a little more sustainable, which could have a massive impact on nature and Earth.
  • Team- The team members of a company will have to do less work during the process and spend less time creating high-quality pieces. This allows them to focus on other areas more in-depth to make the company more profitable and higher quality-products.
  • Consistency- The best thing about 3D laser scanning devices in a manufacturing company is that all of the pieces will be of better quality. It will allow parts to turn out the same over and over again.
  • Mistakes- The team will be able to find bad pieces quicker and identify why they are not acceptable. It allows them to reverse engineer a part and fully understand why something did not work and how fixing it will affect the whole process.
  • Faster- It allows for assembly and production time to be cut in half, making the company move and sell pieces more quickly.

Adding a robotic arm into this can change the way manufacturers produce high-quality items. It can also save the hassle of having many team members, saving costs for the company. There are so many reasons connecting these two technologies that will be amazing for business worldwide. This German company has always taken risks, and this will be the next biggest thing. Using 3D laser scanning has been changing industries slowly for a few years.

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