Competitions Judged By 3D Laser Scanning Services

Make way for 3D Laser Scanning Services

Computers are going to take over. That is what we have all been hearing. A computer can do things so much faster and with so much more precision than we can. Soon the only thing that will keep humans in the loop is tradition. The first time I got a taste of this was when I was a younger boy hearing about video referees. Some people didn’t like the idea of technology helping referees make calls. They said that human error was part of the game. In the back of my mind I was asking “why?” Why wouldn’t we want precision and fairness? Human error is what makes competition intense. Error in refereeing only makes people mad and feel guilty for cheating the other team. It don’t doubt that A.I. is going to take over the judging section of competitions. In fact, we see it happening now. Competition judging is going to get a lot more precise with the help of computers and 3D laser scanning services.

We want the best

No word encapsulates the idea of competition more than “Olympics” does. At the Olympic level of competition we don’t care about preserving the human element of error in judging. We want to know who is the best. Imagine if we decided to preserve the human error element for competitions like the 100m hurdles or the 100m freestyle swimming competitions? How different would the results be if instead of a computerized timing device we had stop watches? In the 2008 Olympics, Michael Phelps won some of those gold medals by just a hair. The results might have been very different had the timing been determined by someone’s fat thumb. Computers are not part of the competition. They help us know better determine the truth about the competition.

3D Laser Scanning services brings the Precision

Up until now computers have had a hard time helping out with judging in some competitions. For example, gymnastics as a sport has been left to the eye of the judges until recently. That may be changing in the near future now that 3D scanning services is making its way into the judging panel. Now with 3D scanning, precise body movements can be measured and analyzed much more accurately than the human eye can. Judges have to pay attention to joint movements and very high precision moves, and that can be difficult left to just eye-balling it. 3D scanning services technology will allow them to analyze 3D computer generated models of the athlete’s action to help them make a much better judgement.

In regards to judging competitions, computers and 3D scanning services technology can only help. The best competitions are the ones where we don’t even have to think about the judges. Instead of griping about a judges bias, we should be watching to see who is the best of the best. That said, I don’t think that human judges will go down without a fight. There will always be those who think that there is something more real about human judges, but I think that this will go away with time.

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