3D Laser Scanning Makes Dangerous Jobs Safer

Reduce risk with 3D laser Scanning services

Looking for a dangerous job? One option is working for a mining company. Crawl down in a hole deep inside the earth and just hope that the top doesn’t cave. I don’t think I could do that one. How about a James Bond style setup that makes you swear to secrecy. The only problem is that you couldn’t tell your family or friends, and if you did tell them you would have to put them away. I think I’d pass on that one. How about training lions at the circus? Do that act where the trainer whips the lion in the buns and then sticks his head in its mouth. That job could end quickly and badly. Talk about needing a headhunter. How about doing a survey job at plant where you might be exposed to some radiation? Whoa! No way! That’s danger, you say? Well, it doesn’t have to be. That risk of exposure to radiation could be small if done with a 3D laser scanning services team.

Traditional vs. 3D laser scanning services

3D laser scanning services actually makes doing a nuclear plant job much safer than traditional survey methods. Nuclear power plants are built to be rather safe. The problem is that time takes its toll on the pipes and the equipment in the facility. Problems start to arise when things start to age. Radiation exposure is therefore much more likely in an older power plant. I guess that means that the dangerous part of surveying a nuclear power plant is not 3D laser scanning, but it would be doing it the old way. If a worker had to go in with a ladder, tape measures, and all those simple tools, the exposure would be much greater.

3D laser Scanning Faster and Safer

3D laser scanning services, on the other hand gets the job done much faster. A 3D scanner can get things done in a flash when they go into rooms that have complicated piping going every which way. Can you imagine how much time that would take with a tape measure. It’s not just a matter of going it and start measuring. Things have to be set up. To reach those high corners worker would have to spend the time setting up scaffolding. 3D laser scanning services requires no such mess. The 3D laser scanner measures things from a distance, so there is no need to climb all the way to the top. The 3D scanner goes in, collects data, and gets out. The collection process is fast, accurate, and safe. Okay, so I guess all that I am saying here kind of contradicted what I said in the introduction about 3D scanning being dangerous. The truth is that 3D laser scanning services is a rather safe job.

So what can I say? If you are looking for adventure, danger, and a chance to display your heroic skills, you’d better not join the 3D laser scanning services team. Look to 3D scanning services if you are looking for some quick, safe, fast, and accurate data collection. That is something that they can provide. Don’t be supposed, though if you see the technician yawn a few times.

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