Construction Company Skanska Using 3D Tech

Technology aids in safety of workers and engineers

We are continuously finding ways to advance in society, and 3D laser scanners are proving to be useful tools in this advancement. We are finding ways to use this technology to improve our quality of life and safety standards for not only our citizens but construction workers.

3D laser scanners have helped create structurally safe homes around the world, and now a multimillion-dollar construction company has started using it. They are in charge of some well-known buildings, planning on renovating them without destroying them.

The company using it

Skanska has been put in charge of some of the most significant projects in New York City. They are using the latest technology; they plan on upgrading and remodeling these buildings without causing any issues for people using the premises. The buildings this company is working on are the Moynihan Train Hall and La Guardia terminal B.

Instead of shutting down the whole building or sending one person down to examine one thing at a time, this company used 3D laser scanners to scan the entire job site at once. This allowed them to scan it in just one day, and then print 3D models for each team member.

The team consists of architects, engineers, and subcontractors. All of whom would have gone to the underground part of the buildings to observe and collect information that could have taken weeks. This technology not only gives them a 3D model, but if paired with other technology, can create a virtual reality of the buildings.

What is 3D scanning

3D scanning is the act of taking thousands of pictures of an object or scene at a rapid pace. It can collect tiny or microscopic details that would take humans weeks, if not months, to see. It gathers information like texture, color, dimension, and exact area of where the object was at the time.

This technology can be used by anyone looking for sustainable ways to create and produce objects sustainably, as well as anyone looking to store information a paperless way. Many students are adopting it as study aids, and many researchers are using it to send data across the globe, so it can become free knowledge.

The benefits of using this technology

3D laser scanners provide a noninvasive way to create accurate physical models of an object or scene. It also increases safety standards of construction workers or engineers having to go into unknown places. This technology allows a faster way to get ordinarily tedious work done. 3D scanners are budget-friendly and easy to use, making it one of the best tools for construction companies to have while working on a site.

Not only that, but it creates a sustainable way to create and send things without having to print papers and snail mailing them across the globe. The information can be stored forever, making it a good reference for any future projects.

This technology could create a new process for how the construction team goes about rebuilding historical sites.


3D laser scanners are proving to be one of the most useful technologies that are rapidly getting adopted in a variety of fields. Because of this rapid adoption, this specific technology will create a booming industry in the tech world.

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