Fifa 21 Gets Into 3D Tech

Imagine choosing a famous football player as your avatar

Introduction to 3D lasers

3D laser scanners have entered so many fields consumers would typically find as a surprise. It has emerged in so many areas, the technology is always evolving, and this makes it incredibly versatile. Companies are now based around this technology, making it a competitive market.

It has entered the video gaming world, and now each company in this field is trying to stay relevant by using 3D scanners to create videogames. This is a way to keep consumers happy and create a loyal customer base. 3D laser scanners may have emerged in Fifa 21, it will be unsure until it comes out in the next fall.

What is Fifa 21

This is a well-known football videogame, or in America, a soccer game. That allows users to play with great sports teams from around the world. This game is created by a company called Electronic Arts, and each year they choose a famous football player to be on the front cover of the game.

Who is it targeted to

This game is targeted at football or soccer lovers. Young kids as well as middle-aged adults. The company is always trying to compete against other sporting videogame designers, and stay a hot topic in this world. Because of this, they are always trying to source out the best technology in order to create the best-looking videogame to play.

How are they using 3D laser scanners

To be one of the top contributors and contenders in this field, they use 3D laser scanners to take real-life soccer players and put them in the videogame. Not only that, but they can also take this technology and scan the actual places where the world cup or any soccer tournament is held and enter it in the videogame.

The benefit of doing that is it creates a higher quality image than other ways of creating the videogame. 3D laser scanners are able to create a very detailed scene, with every possible angle for people to actually “play” in. This could give Fifa 21 the edge that they have been lacking.

What is 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanners take thousands of pictures per second, capturing images on an object or scene, sometimes even a person. It collects information that humans would take hours to observe. This technology collects data like dimensions of an object, texture, color, and size.

It can be advantageous when creating any videogame, or even redesigning a home. It is an incredibly useful tool that can be used in many different fields. 3D laser scanners can be used as study aids, or even to send information on structures across the world in a matter of minutes. All information collected can be saved forever, creating a good database for future reference.


There are so many ways this technology could be used to upgrade Fifa 21, making it a higher definition, and better quality than Fifa 20. We will be able to see all the latest updates to compare to other companies and to previous versions of Fifa once it comes out in late fall.

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