3D Custom Made Shoes

Simply scan your feet then order online

3D laser scanners have truly shaped a new reality, creating possibilities consumers never would have imagined. It is continually changing and has been growing in various fields. Entire companies are emerging based on this technology. Because of this, technology is updating it’s becoming one of the hottest topics in the tech world.

Vivobarefoot is a specialty shoe retailer creating custom made shoes with 3D lasers. This coming year in 2020, they will release this technology throughout the company. They want to emphasize the importance of creating a sustainable way for people to get shoes that will focus on their specific problems.

Creating a way we produce sustainably can impact our society on a global scale. It can help clean our environment, and because of that, it can help citizens stay healthy. 3D laser scanners are replacing other traditional ways that harm our environment. But also creating a way for us to receive tailored items specifically for our own needs.

The goal of Vivobarefoot

This UK based company wants to create stores throughout significant cities all over the world. This will allow customers to scan their feet from anywhere and order online. In just a few days, they could have custom made shoes.

Online sales for this company make up a lot of their income. Providing a way for more people to get scanned and have easy access to custom made shoes.

This could change the way consumers shop for their goods, and how we make clothing as well as shoes.

What 3D laser scanning is

3D laser scanners take rapid photos of an object or scene to gather information on it. This technology can take thousands of photos per minute and can collect the most microscopic details of an object. 3D laser scanners can collect information like texture, size, shape, each dimension, and color.

It is now helping in many different areas, for instance, architectures are using this technology to help rebuild homes in third world countries. It is helping to build safer roads throughout various countries. 3D laser scanners are being placed in cities to help lower traffic accidents and by capturing all images that could be used to make the roads safer for people traveling on them.


This invention from the 1960s was adopted in the 1990s and since then has developed into something truly incredible. More people are picking up this technology and creating incredible products and useful tools with it.

3D laser scanners and printers could open up our world to new possibilities and may help us move toward a sustainable future. Saving precious resources and finding other methods that are cleaner to mass-produce items should be the focus of more companies.

As consumers become more health conscious and focused on the environment, this technology will become more useful than ever before. The adoption of 3D laser scanners could evolve it even more.

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