3D Printing Hearing Aids

Custom made for a perfect fit


3D laser scanners have changed the way we see the world by enhancing our safety and changing the way we produce and develop items. It has been increasing in health fields around the globe because it is a noninvasive way to help patients.

3DP4ME created a project called the Hearing Aide Express to provide hearing aids to young people throughout the country of Jordan. Their goal is to bring every person who needs modern solutions the opportunity to get them even in low-income countries.

This could change the way people hear and even communicate all over the world. Their goal is to help everyone, no matter what their financial situation is by using 3D laser scanners and 3D laser printers.

How they make hearing aids

They use high-tech to scan a person’s ears and use that scan to create a 3D model. After that, they use that same model to 3D print a custom-made hearing aid. The goal is to start with providing 12,000 individuals around Jordan custom-fit hearing aids over the next five years.

The company is partnering with several other people to create the best possible outcomes for the company and all goals. They want to make it possible for 2,000 Syrian refugees to have hearing aids living in Jordan.

The goal for the future

“A recent meeting with USAID encouraged us to ‘Dream Big’ in addressing the scale of the need to create a much more significant impact. Our pilot project will take place later this year, in the meantime we are connecting with industry leaders across the globe, to help define a right-sized facility that can provide end-to-end custom solutions, along with training and R&D, for a much broader range of assistive products, including prosthetics and orthotics.” Says the founder of 3DP4ME.

They will start small with the Jordan and Syria area and work their way throughout other countries.

3D laser scanners and what it’s made for

3D laser scanners take rapid pictures of an object. Sometimes they receive thousands of images per second gathering information on an object. It can collect any information like texture, size, width, and tiny microscopic details that no human eyes could pick up.

It is such a versatile technology people in many different fields are adopting 3D laser scanners for several uses. Because it is growing in so many areas, it is becoming a booming industry that is gaining wealth rapidly.

It helps students create a fundamental tool to use as a study aid. The technology can help rebuild homes in third world countries. This technology is now being attached to cell phones to scan for temperature on bodies that may indicate disease.

3D laser scanners are continually being updated to keep our citizens safe and healthy as well as upgrade the quality of life.


Soon there will be many different uses for 3D laser scanners, and it will spread in many various fields beyond what its already in. This technology helps so many people, and entire companies are now focusing on this technology. It is becoming the best tool on the market and will quickly gain adoption all over the world.

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