Construction Crews Receive Access To 3D Laser Scanning

Increasing safety of team members

3D laser scanning is one of a kind and has led to many advantages we never had. Construction crews realize that by implementing this technology, they can speed up the time they evaluate a scene, build, and finish. It can be a crucial step in building safer and more effective sites. It can also be one of the best ways to ensure the safety of team members.

In the construction world, this has slowly gained traction because of all of the benefits. In 2016 the demand for 3D laser scanning started rising at 20%, and by 2018, 57% of the crews demanded access to the technology. Though it seems slow, it is adopting gradually, and soon worldwide, construction crews will be using this high-tech as part of the normal tools.

Now everyone is up to date with the technological world, and that’s okay. Many wonder what the use of this technology is and wonder exactly how it can help construction and how it impacts our lives. Well, let’s be honest unless it allows us to sit through less traffic, most people don’t care. That’s just it! 3D laser scanning speeds up the entire construction process making it possible for the average person to sit through less traffic. There are more reasons than that, though.

Faster Accurate Site Measurements

Project hiccups happen because inaccurate measurements take place. Someone could be rushed, miss a spot, or be hidden to the naked eye. It happens. 3D laser scanning is more accurate than any crew member could ever be. It picks up data points that are hard to visibility and then stores the information to be analyzed.

Remote Visitors

Once the information is captured, any of the team members, stakeholders, or engineers can visit the site virtually or remotely. They can see all of the information as well as if they were there on the physical site. This is also a great way for investors to see the process of a building or location.

Less Rework

Oftentimes a lot of the construction continues due to the team reworking areas. This can be because of inaccurate evaluations or overlooking something. With the help of 3D laser scanning, the team can do a better job the first time without having to go back over their original work multiple times.

More Productivity

When a team does an accurate evaluation, they can come up with a better and more reliable plan. This plan can allow them to be more productive. When the evaluation is quicker, it allows the team to start work and focus on the most essential tasks to be productive.

Final Thoughts

3D laser scanning can easily make its way to be the best tool for construction teams. By not adopting this technology, a business loses out on untapped potential and profit. They miss out on the chance to provide exceptional work. Many teams have realized this and have slowly been implementing this technology in their projects. They are seeing the advantages and using these tools in unexpected ways.

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