Haunted Mansion Being Scanned in 3D

Confusing ghosts as every turn

The Winchester mystery house is one of the most famous places in San Jose and is one of the craziest tours you will ever have the chance to go on if you visit California. Some doors lead nowhere, stairs that go to the ceiling and stop, pieces of the top floors missing, and rooms with hallways in zig zags. The entire house is set up to confuse the ghosts that had been shot by the Winchester rifle. A team from GEOSlam is now capturing this house using 3D laser scanning.

Many people may get to tour this house soon with the scans they take. 3D laser scanning is one of the best ways to capture information, turn it into something extraordinary, and digitally preserve future data. There has never been another technology like it, and because it is becoming so popular, it has continued to be updated for better uses.

This house has been a famous landmark for many years. You may find it odd that a huge house is in the middle of the city. This house is within walking distance from the local shops and skyscrapers of San Jose. However, it has been there since 1886, and no one is willing to remove this remarkable house. Many people want to keep it open and be sure that it is restored properly. That is why 3D laser scanning can be useful.

This house has over 160 rooms, 40 staircases, multiple basements, and multiple floors. It is 24,000 square feet and on 4.5 acres. This is an incredible sight when you are from the city. Though scans are being taken, it will be years to fully capture the immense details put into this famous house.

“The Winchester Mystery House is one of the most complex buildings I have ever had the privilege to survey. However, it took only a few hours with our mobile scanners, when it would have taken weeks using terrestrial survey tools. Everything is so quick and easy with the ZEB Go.” said the senior solutions architect for GEOslam.

How 3D laser scanning works

With something so expansive and immense, there is no way any team would get accurate floor plans. In fact, there were none when building the rooms. There was no real plan other than to confuse the ghosts. The best way to get accurate plans now is by using the latest technology that was not around years ago.

3D laser scanning uses lasers that are being measured by the distance they travel and take rapid pictures of a place. The photos then become processed and sent to a partnering system to be examined. This allows them to see every room in the house, and if they are careful when scanning, there may finally be accurate floor plans of this house.

Final thoughts

The Winchester Mystery House is an amazing thing to see, and people spend thousands of hours there trying to maintain it because it is a fun part of history. The entire house is filled with excitement, knowledge, and questions. No one in the city wants to get rid of this house, and that’s why people are using 3D laser scanning to help preserve it.

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