Covid-19 Changes In-Store Shopping and Online Shopping

3D laser scanning technology creates virtual fitting rooms

Covid-19 has taken over the world and changing the way we do every day daily things like shopping. During this pandemic, researchers who focus on e-commerce saw a massive boom in online shopping. No one could leave their homes, and this happened worldwide. To get their shopping fixes, they turned to online shopping. The researchers were able to adapt quickly with the help of 3D laser scanning devices.

Many people were concerned about being able to “try on” clothes when they switched to online shopping. Even after we started reopening, many people were worried about safety. Using a 3D laser scanning device, consumers could be thoroughly scanned and fitted. This machine came from Fit:match who had created this 3D laser scanning device before the pandemic.

However, this company started taking off after the pandemic hit full force. This not only helps consumers at home get that shopping experience but allows them to try on things without spreading germs in a fitting room. This helps keep the store safe as well as everyone shopping.

How does 3D laser scanning work

Using this technology for virtual fitting rooms is one of the best ideas because it doesn’t harm anyone, and it helps prevent the spread of germs. Instead of being touched and fitted by hand, a laser beam roams over someone’s body to gather all the measurements and project what something would look like.

At the same time, this happens the 3D laser scanning device captures images through rapid pictures. It collects details that may go missed by a person. It picks up things like colors, texture, shapes, and all sizes. This technology may replace tailors soon because of how precise it is.

Technology in the fashion industry

So many brands are using 3D laser scanning devices to capture full-body images. It is not a new thing, but consumers are much more aware of the technology since the pandemic started. Using this equipment is one of the best ways to create well designed and well-fitted materials without spreading more germs than there already is.

Who else can use this technology

3D laser scanning is one of the most versatile tools on the market and can help us create virtual reality. In the time where a pandemic rules us, this can be great for so many companies to start investing in. By using a 3D laser scanning device, they can create worlds for others to go shopping. This can be good for any big brand looking to stay relevant and get consumers shopping.

Final thoughts

This technology is changing the way we shop and helping us stay safe. Instead of trying on clothes, we can now see what they look like projected on us. Instead of getting fitted for clothing, we can get scanned to determine our actual size and how a specific brand would hang on us. In many ways, technology helps us get through this challenging time and will continue to shape the way we do things. Who knows how much longer we will have to remain 6-feet apart, but rest assured we can do anything with 3D laser scanning devices.

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