Crime Scenes Adopt 3D Laser Scanners

Technology aids in providing new ways to view evidence

Crime scenes are one of the worst things forensic investigators have to go through. However, their job is necessary to protect the streets of our country. They collect all of the evidence and document it to support other findings in court. It takes hours of hard work and dedication to gather data and document the scene the way the court will find valuable.

3D laser scanning has entered our world and many crime scene investigators are adopting this technology to go along with the other ways of documenting a scene. Courts across the globe only accepted a few ways to view evidence, but as the world moved toward technology, so is the court system.

3D laser scanning will not replace all of the other ways information is gathered, but it will back up the other information. This is something that will slowly be adopted in the crime scene field. It is one of the most useful tools on the market and will help make our streets safer.

Benefits of 3D laser scanners used for a crime scene

There are many benefits of using 3D laser scanning, especially in a crime scene. It can never replace any physical evidence, but it can be a good way to add on to the other evidence collected.

  • The cloud- 3D laser scanning saved all the information that is collected in the cloud. Once it enters the web, it can never be deleted. It does not have to be shared with the world, but it can be shared with a select few who can analyze a crime scene.
  • Virtual Reality- When an investigator takes a scan of a scene, they can scan every detail and then develop the information into something the court can walk into. It allows a courtroom to walk into the scene exactly how the forensic investigators found it.
  • Quicker- 3D laser scanning is one of the fastest ways to gather accurate information on a scene. The investigators can later go back and look at the scene over and over again.
  • Details- 3D laser scanning gets every nook and cranny. It allows the investigators to see footprints in accurate details and gives them more insight into a scene.

Creating faster and more reliable ways to process a crime scene that helps put the right people away has always been a goal around the globe. 3D laser scanning has been used to help the process move along. As it develops and newer versions come out, more investigators will be open to trying this tool.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning cannot replace the original ways of collecting evidence but can help support it. The original ways of processing a scene, included photos, physical evidence, and detailing everything through reports. It was extremely tedious. Adding in 3D laser scanning only takes a few minutes, and can back up any physical evidence and photos that are collected.

This technology has come so far and will continue to be used around the world in various fields. Companies have created a business out of trying to make the latest and best versions of this technology. As it develops more, it will continuously be adopted by many new people.

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