How Industrial CT Scanning Changing the Face of the Automotive Industry

the right diagnosis for cars

Can CT scanners provide the right diagnosis for cars, just like it does for humans?  Today, industrial CT scanning is a non-destructive method of inspection which helps the automakers understand the internal characteristics and provide precise information about the part.  Also, the scanners help manufacturers see through solid objects which otherwise was impossible, especially for a large component. From petrol cars to electric vehicles, the technology is slowly garnering the attention of manufacturers.

Here are a few ways the scanners are helping the automotive industry reach their goals and build strong customer relationship.

In the design phase

When creating a new car component, 95% of the work is done during the design phase. CT scanners can help streamline the overall research & development by providing information about crucial design aspects. It can also give insights about how well a particular part will match the intended geometries.  Furthermore, with the data the scanners collect, manufacturers can reduce the time required from a prototype to a finished product. Apart from offering assistance in the designing phase of an automobile, the non-destructive scanners can quickly reverse engineer component which lacks a CAD file. Reverse engineering any part using the computed tomography scanners is always precise and accurate than rebuilding an element from the starting.

in pre-production

After the completion of the design phase, manufacturers need to focus on tools and moulds to complete the production. The intelligent scanners have the ability to identify discontinuities within the design part. Furthermore, the CT scanners confirm the ability of the actual part complying with the intended specification.

for detecting defects

A minor fault in the design phase of the car results in the production of vehicles which are prone to accidents. And, recalling every car after it reaches the market becomes a costly affair for the manufacturer. But, not anymore! Industrial CT scanners can detect production fault at the beginning, which eliminates the requirement of chassis strip-down. Just like medical scanners, the industrial counterparts accurately analysis the vehicle integrity and reduces the development and manufacturing time of the automobile. Furthermore, using industrial CT scanning engineers of automobile companies can see through the layer of crumpled metal to understand how the structural membrane, vent or the AC can handle the impact of a potential accident.

for inspecting fuel injectors

When examining fuel injector, different components need to work flawlessly. Otherwise, the automobile can stop working abruptly. Apart from checking the functioning of the nozzle, a CT scan can help in determining whether there is any debris or foreign object which can result in the inefficient running of the vehicle. Using the scanner, the manufacturer can identify solder or broken bonds. Using the inspection with the help of a CT scan, manufacturers can ensure that the right amount of fuel is delivered at the correct time.

Industrial CT scanning has a long way to go in streamlining the entire automotive manufacturing process. Irrespective of the time-frame, the future for scanners is bright and will bring a paradigm shift in the manufacturing sector.

In short, industrial CT scanning can provide new life to different industries in the coming years.

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