Custom Fit Ski Boots Made By 3D Scanning

3D Scanning and printing to Fit your Foot

“If the shoe fits, wear it.” That is the expression. Unfortunately there are a lot of sore feet out there simply because the shoe doesn’t fit. So why are we still wearing them? It should be no surprise why 3D printing and 3D scanning services are zoning in on the the shoe to give everyone a better fit. 3D technology is popping it’s more-than-welcome nose into shoe maker’s closets. Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and a lot others are going 3D. These companies are all about performance. Nothing cripples performance like an over-sized or cramp-fit shoe. Now with 3D printing and 3D scanning services shoes can be fit to exact size. We aren’t just talking common sneakers. We are talking about top of the line companies. They are making winter sports gear using 3D technology to produce custom fitted shoes.  

Teaming up

One company that is using 3D scanning technology for winter sports is a Swiss company that does winter footwear called Tailored Fits AG, and they are teaming up with a software provider and 3D scanning and printing specialist, Materialize, to produce a customs-fitted 3D scanned and 3D fitted ski boot. The CEO of Tailored Fits AG, Remo Rindlisbacher, wants to make a boot that can fit more comfortably and perform better. The goal is to be able to produce a custom boot in mass quantity.

How it got going

It all started in 2016, when the two companies decided what they wanted to do to help customers get a good fitted boot. The plan is to have customers go to the Tailored Fits store and have their feet scanned, a process which takes little time at all. Once that was done, the customer would receive a custom printed insole for the boots, designed to fit the contour of their foot exactly. The whole process takes only about 10 days.

Go get your Boot

After two years of hard research on this product, the custom fitted boot is ready to go. The goal was to figure out a way to create a shoe designed just for you, and to do it on a massive scale. That’s not an easy feat, but they have done it. They have created a comfortable, performance enhanced, custom-fit ski boot using 3D printing and 3D scanning services made to order. It is definitely a one of a kind, and worth a try no matter if you are just a novice or even a professional skier. You can check out their website at tailored-fits to see more about it and to make a purchase.  

This just goes to show how3D printing and 3D scanning services technology can make a good thing better. We shouldn’t think this technology is only good for ski boots either. Pretty much any type of footwear could make use of custom-fitted insoles. This includes biking shoes, running shoes, mountain climbing shoe, you name it. All it takes is a desire to make something better. The old boot worked, but it could always have been better, and in a world where competition is tough, every factor needs to be considered. It looks like they took a right turn by using 3D printing and 3D scanning services.

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