Family Figurines Made By 3D Scanning Services

Make it memorable

What is the best thing about family reunions? Is it grandma pinching your cheek? How about sitting in the living room listening to those same old stories being rehashed? Is it sitting around the table looking at aunt Martha’s trip to England (yawn!!!! I think I just broke my jaw). Of course not. We don’t know and probably never will enjoy those activities that interrupt your life when there are better things to be doing. Having said all of that, though, there is one good thing about family reunions. The best thing is the family photo.  It is a good chance to crystalize an image of your tongue sticking out for all generations after to see. It also means that the family reunion is coming to a not-quick-enough close. And if you are going to do a photo bomb to last for years to come, why not do it in style with 3D printing and 3D scanning services.

Make it a figurine

You’ve heard of a 3D printed figurine, right? Well how about a 3D printed family figurine? That sounds more like it. Even better would be a 3D printed family reunion figurine so it could include Uncle Buck and Aunt Marge. 3D scanning services can bring that baby to birth. A company that is based in California is even providing such a scanning service, and their name is Twindom. The company is working with Kodak to produce a scanning booth that prints out 3D figurines.

The process

The workings of this scanner are pretty simple. Using 3D scanning services and 3D printing services the scanning booth can take whoever you want to be in the figurine and have them scanned and printed out. The family first stands inside of the booth. After that the scanner begins to collect a digital copy of them while they stand still. Once that is done the data is sent to a 3D printer where the digital copy of the family can be printed out. Quite simple, huh? Not only that, but you can have your figurine in no less than three weeks.

3D Scanning by the bunch

This full-body scanner has some advantages. First of all, it is portable. It can be taken to a place bustling with lots of people. There it could be set up for business. Many people when they see this contraption in action probably want one too. We aren’t just talking about a limited number of people either. The booth scanner can do up to 14 people at a time. That means that the whole family could be in the picture. Let the dog jump in there too! Imagine all of your family together as a figurine. If that doesn’t scream Christmas gift to your ears, then you might want to get a pair of grandma’s hearing aids.

I hope that all of this gives you some encouragement to keep your spirits up at your next family reunion. This isn’t just limited to family reunions. You could do 3D scans with classmates, music bands, co-workers, or whatever. 3D scanning services has made it possible to scan a clan, and that should make you a fan, man.

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