Get Better Insulation With 3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning Keeps the Heat

The best way to keep warm when it is cold outside is to have some good insulation. That may mean a well-insulated house.  It may mean a having a down jacket. Whatever the case may be, there is nothing worse that letting the cold in where it is not welcome.  Generally we use thermometers on the inside to determine how well we are keeping in the warmth. There are some people, though, who are doing just the opposite.  They are examining the heat on the outside to determine how well they are keeping it in. These people are those in production industries who are running systems that require conservation of heat.  To help them do that, they are making use of 3D laser scanning services.

A good investment

Efficiency is a big deal when we are talking heat insulation for big companies. Whether it be machines with steam components or just maintaining heat temperature levels in a device or room, loss of heat can mean mega loss of money. So you can bet your cold hard cash that they are putting someone’s feet to the fire to find solutions to reduce heat loss in their factories.   Governments understand this too, and they are investing piles of money to find ways to detect energy loss and improve efficiency. In 2016, Germany’s department of education spend an equivalent of $683,000 to research a method to detect heat loss in thermal insulation. The fruit of their labor was worth it. They came up with a method using 3D scanning services combined with an infrared technology that produces a mapping of heat loss.

A clear choice

It is not hard to see how this can save lots of money in the production costs for companies that require conservation of heat.  Once the factory is built, this device can go in and give engineers a specific location of heat loss. With that information they can take whatever measures needed to fix it.  

3D laser scanning services combined with other technologies, like thermography, are showing us that a lot of real world problems can be resolved with a bit of effort and research.  I wonder what other ways efficiency can be improved with 3D laser scanning services? I am sure that there are a lot more.

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