Robotic Car Parking By 3D Scanning

Good parking service

When it comes to parking, the worst situation is driving around the block and not being able to find an open spot.  Second to that would be finding a spot and then having to walk a mile. I suppose the next best would be finding a spot in close proximity, but you would still have to do it all yourself.  One step up from that would be valet parking; give your keys to some punk who picks his nose and flicks a booger in your car. So what is left? Doesn’t it get any better than that? Oh it does.  3D scanning services at your service! Just stop that car right there mister, and let a robot take it from there.

Robo Ray at your 3D scanning service

3D scanning services could not justify it’s existence if it didn’t at least look a little into making the driving experience a little bit better.  Right now we are talking about a robotic car parking operation going on in Dusseldorf Airport in Germany. While there have been some other automated parking systems to arise on the scene, none of them has really had the boldness to step outside the warehouse.  Now we are talking about bringing your BMW to the airport and handing it over to the robot in charge. Mr Roboto at your service!! Actually. the robot’s name is Ray. Ray knows his job. He won’t make you feel like your $120,000 car is being thrown around on forklifts. Gentle Robo Ray is all about customer satisfaction, and he’ll take care of your ride.

How does He do it?

It’s pretty simple how it works.  Just park your car somewhere in the designated area for Ray to pick up,  pay the money, and then head to the checkout counter. Once you have done that, Ray will come by and use 3D scanning services to do a 3D scan of your car to get its dimensions. Once it has measured your car it will make some adjustments to the carrier to fit your car onto Ray’s platform.  From there Ray will take your car to a safe place to be stored until you are back from your trip. Upon returning, Ray with carry the car to a pickup area where you can drive it away without a scratch (or booger).

Let's consider Ray

It is not hard to see the advantage Ray has over traditional parking methods.  In fact, since Ray’s biggest advantage is precision, he can fit a lot more cars into a large area than his rival the valet driver.  Having said all that, though, there are some downsides to this robotic ride retriever, and that is Ray’s salary. He charges about $40 to do what some valet parking services would do for $15 or less. Not only that, but Ray needs to work on his muscles.  He is a bit weak and not able to lift car very high off the ground. He can only life high enough to get them off the ground and carry them off. This means that Ray doesn’t have the ability to stack cars, which would be a huge space saver.

At least we know that 3D scanning services are not dropping the ball on making our driving experience better.  Maybe someday 3D scanning services will be used to have our cars park themselves. Actually I think they do,

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