Dental X-Rays Use 3D Laser Scanning

Effortless and Painless Procedures

A dentist’s best way to help treat a patient is by observing. In the past, this meant an uncomfortably long time for a patient to open their mouths wide, so the doctor could peek inside. It was no way to help a patient feel comfortable, but it is what dentists had to do to help the patients. A London practice is taking full advantage of this new technology.

Now there is a new way that is coming to light thanks to the technological field. 3D laser scanning has emerged in the dentistry fields, and it could not be better. This fantastic technology allows a dentist to fully understand what a patient needs, with less time in their mouths. Meaning they are more comfortable and trust the doctor more!

3D laser scanning allows a dentist to see the accurate 3D imaging of a patient’s mouth. This technology can pick up the difference between bone and tissue, all of the structures of a patient’s mouth are easily seen because of 3D laser scanning.

A patient is more likely to understand what the problem is by seeing a precisely made 3D model. The structures and issues are clearly shown on a model like this, and it gives the patient a sense of control when they understand and see the problems. This creates a solid foundation of trust that the dentist and patient can build on.

The original ways

Besides poking around in someone’s mouth to see problems, a dentist would use an x-ray machine. This allowed them to see the structure of a jaw and any bone problems. The issue with this original way was it does not create accurate models, it only created 2D imaging. It could not tell the difference between specific muscles and tissues; it could only show one thing. The 2D was great to understand the full picture, but it didn’t cut down the time a dentist had to observe inside a patient’s mouth.

Benefits of 3D laser scanning

This technology is more accurate than the old way because it can see the structures inside of a person’s mouth and accurately create a model from the scans. It is quicker and allows a patient to feel more comfortable. 3D laser scanning is relatively budget-friendly, but to get the 3D models, it does need the help of a partnering company.

3D laser scanning allows a dentist to be able to save patient records in the cloud rather than files or actual molds of their jaw. A dentist has to keep all of the information, and this allows less physical space to be taken up since it can all be saved in the cloud for future reference.

Final thoughts

This technology has changed the way we study and see human bodies. In return, it is helping consumers see their individual problems and trust the doctors put in charge to fix them. It allows them to see a physical model and fully understand the situation which a 2D image could not provide.

More doctors will start adopting this technology because of the wonderful benefits, and soon people will love going to the doctor or dentist because they will understand the simple process. 3D laser scanning is not hard to use. In fact, it is one of the most effortless pieces of technology you can learn. This will allow many people all over the world to use it.

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