Footwear Using 3D Laser Scanning

Offering the perfect fit for your foot

Many men and women around the world can never find the right shoes, most people have different size feet even by a few centimeters. Others have wider feet than the basic shoes provide, and this can be a pain when shoe shopping. When customers don’t like shopping, a big brand can lose customers.

3D laser scanning offers a solution to both of these problems. It is a way to give someone a customized shoe that does more than looking good. It allows a customer to identify the issues they have and create a shoe based around their own measurements, not just the average size of someone else’s feet.

As more brands emerge, they are all trying to stay relevant and gain the most customers and create customer loyalty. 3D laser scanning is going to be the best way to give a customer a personalized experience. No longer will consumers accept the one size fits all. They will expect brands to find ways to help them personally.

Benefits of 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning allows a customer to be identified as an individual, not as part of the mass. This technology allows a large company to relate and gather the information that could be used to create a personalized experience.

This technology provides various uses and can be used in many different fields. 3D laser scanning devices are rather budget-friendly for the number of things consumers and companies can use it for. It is a sustainable way to create custom goods without letting anything go to waste.

What is 3D laser scanning

It takes thousands of pictures per second, either on a handheld device or something that you can stand on. In this case, it would be something a person could stand on to get accurate measurements. 3D laser scanning takes thousands of pictures per second, collecting all sorts of information that would take human hours to obtain.

Once the information is collected, it is stored in the cloud and can be saved forever. This is also what allows a company to send personalized ads and emails to a customer based on the data that is collected.

After it is stored, it can be sent to a partnering system where the images can be edited. From here, the information can be sent across the world in minutes, developed into virtual reality, and sent to customers, and it can also be 3D printed in a customized object.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning will change the way consumers interact with brands and will make our expectations higher with our shopping standards. Soon consumers will realize they get better products that are sustainable and suit them better than the original ways of producing goods.

Customized goods and services that directly solve some specific problems for individuals are one of the absolute best ways to create customer loyalty. As more brands realize this is what many consumers want, they will start changing the way they produce and manufacture. When more brands change this, it will also help us become sustainable in all areas and will amazingly impact us all.

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